Proven Tips 👌🏼 for Girls Who Want to Forgive 🙏🏼 and Forget 👋🏼 ...


Do you find it hard to forgive and forget?

Bad things happen to good people, and few of us get through life without someone treating us badly.

The problem with holding on to the anger and resentment we feel is that we become stuck in the past.

It's much healthier emotionally to move on - and that involves forgiving people for what they did.

Here are some tips to help you forgive and forget …

1. Time Heals

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If someone has let you down or treated you badly, it feels painful.

You may be angry at them for a long time.

But you will look back and realise that it doesn't hurt as much.

You have to consciously decide that you won't let it bother you any more, otherwise you'll end up stuck in the past and worrying about things that happened a long time ago.

Forgiving Doesn't Mean Condoning
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