Stop Body Shaming! Quotes about Loving Your Size ...


The number on the scale doesn't have anything to do with how beautiful or valuable you are.

You need to stop obsessing over how much you hate your body and start learning how to love it.

It's the only body you'll ever have, after all, so you might as well appreciate all it does for you.

No matter how thick or thin you are, here are a few inspiring quotes about loving your size:

1. All Girls Are Gorgeous


Stop comparing yourself to the women around you.

Even though Sophia Vergara is beautiful, it doesn't mean that you aren't, because you're not her spitting image.2

Beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes.

There are millions of gorgeous people in the world, so don't assume that you're ugly just because you don't look like some of the women around you.

2. Say You're Sexy

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While it's healthy to exercise and eat vegetables, it's not healthy to have a negative self image.

Even if you're working to change your body, you should still try to see it as a beautiful thing.2

Don't tear yourself down.

Try to see yourself as the sexy woman you are.

3. Unconditional Love


You don't love your boyfriend less when he puts on a few pounds, do you?

Then why would you love yourself less when the same thing happens?

Your body belongs to you, so you should cherish it, not criticize it.

Treat it like it's one of your children, who you need to love, no matter what.

4. Stop Trying to Satisfy

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If you want to lose or gain weight for yourself, that's fine.

Just don't do it for anyone else.

You're never going to be able to satisfy others, so don't even bother trying.

Listen to Jennifer Aniston and just live your life without thinking too much about how you're viewed by the rest of the world.

Their opinions don't matter, anyway.

Allowed to Love
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