21 Quotes from Roald Dahl to Inspire You Today ...


Roald Dahl is one of the greatest writers of children's stories ever - but his books are beloved by adults too.

We read the books and saw the movies as kids but we carry their memories into adulthood.

Here are some Roald Dahl quotes that will remind you of the halcyon days of childhood and inspire the days of adulthood.

1. On Magic

I think Walt Disney and Road Dahl lived in synchronicity.

On Magic

2. On Self Esteem and Confidence

This comes from “The Twits”.

There’s nothing twittish about this thought.

On Self Esteem and Confidence

3. On TV

As written in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

Remember what happened to Mike Teavee?

Wise words indeed.


4. On Life

He’s so right.

What’s the point of living your life if you don’t live it to its fullest.2

On Life

5. On the Power of One

On the Power of One

6. On Being Genuine

Always be true to yourself but remember, even if you try and hide the truth, your eyes and smile can betray you.

On Being Genuine

7. On the World

Go out and discover the world.

It is full of the most amazing surprises,.

On the World

8. On Nonsense

Life is about living.

There are times to be serious and there are times to lighten up.

On Nonsense

9. On Politics

I wish a great many self-serving politicians in this world would embrace this sentiment.

But, we as normal people have chances to influence too - let's do it right.

On Politics

10. On Living a Good Life

Every life needs games to be fun.

On Living a Good Life

11. On Luck

I like to think this means that you have to believe in luck for it to find you.

On Luck

12. On Life's Events

Roald Dahl says - be prepared for anything and everything.

On Life's Events

13. On Parents

No matter how bad or beautiful - you know your parents will always love you.

On Parents

14. On Relationships

Why love's true path never runs smooth.

On Relationships
On Love
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