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I'm sad that the summer has come to an end, so I thought a post featuring some of my favourite quotes about autumn would cheer me up and, hopefully, get the rest of you looking forward to the chillier weather as well.

I hate the cold - two weeks a year would be enough for me - so I tend to dread the time where the nights start to get longer and the days run away from me.

There's something lovely about autumn though;

we know it's an ending, but it's such a beautiful one that we don't always mind.

Here are a few of my favourite quotes about autumn - I hope they get you looking forward to the day when the leaves start to change!

1. Second Spring

Second Spring

Starting off the list of quotes about autumn is a wonderful one from writer and philosopher Albert Camus.

2. Beautiful October

Beautiful October

A lovely sentiment from one of my favourite books as a child.

Every time I think of October, all I see are fields of orange pumpkins.

3. Falling in Love

Falling in Love

I'm a sucker for this sort of quote - it's from award-winning poet and activist Andrea Gibson.

4. Smile


What a wonderful, simple way to describe the season.

5. Dark Evenings

Dark Evenings

This is from another poet and I like the optimism in it.

I'm not sure this is how Humbert intended it to sound but, to me, it sums up the inevitability of the passing of the seasons.

6. Autumn Walks

Autumn Walks

I love this because autumn is the only time where the weather is cold and yet I still want to be outside.2

No other season has the same freshness.



Ah, Fitzgerald!

One of our most quotable authors, and what a lovely one this is.

I love the possibility of the season - the feeling that it's time to move on from past mistakes and start over.2

An Ending
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