Letting Go of the past ...


Have you ever met someone who seems stuck in the past?

They're obsessed with the wrongs that were done to them, even if it was years ago, and seem incapable of moving on.

Or they think nostalgically of someone they loved and lost.2

Indeed, we may all live in the past to some extent.

But since the past is behind us, there's little point in dwelling on it too much.

If you're finding it hard to let go of the past, here are some tips to help …

1. It's Gone, and It's Not Coming Back

The past is behind us, and we can't go back there.

Life is a one-way trip, and you can only go forwards.

So however much you think fondly of the past - and memories are very important to us - there's no sense in living there.

Accept that the past has gone, and it's not coming back.

It's a Waste of Time
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