Undeniable Reasons That Make You a Better Person than You Think ...


Undeniable Reasons That Make You a Better Person than You Think ...
Undeniable Reasons That Make You a Better Person than You Think ...

Many of us suffer from low self-esteem. We think that everyone else is better looking, more successful and more popular than we are. It's also common to belittle our own achievements and make out that they're really not that significant, because we don't feel we deserve praise or that we've done anything to be proud of. But we should all be proud of ourselves! So if you're not that confident or you don't much like yourself, here's why you're a better person than you think …

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You've Achieved a Lot

You probably think that you've not done much that's noteworthy in your life. But if you had to write a list of everything you've done in your life, you'd realise that you've done all sorts of things. Maybe you've coped with personal difficulties or health problems. Perhaps you've done a lot to help other people. Be as complimentary about yourself as you would other people.


People Admire You and Your Accomplishments

Chances are that even if you think you haven't done much with your life and that there's nothing particularly admirable about you, other people think highly of certain things about you. They may think that you're really determined, or admire the way you look out for others. And if other people think well of you, why aren't you thinking well of yourself?


The Perfect Person … Does Not Exist

Nobody's perfect. I say this again and again, because I think that too many people criticise themselves for not being perfect. But it's something that's impossible to live up to. So don't do yourself down for not being perfect, or aspire to something that can't be achieved. Accept yourself as the human being that you are.


Life Can Be Tough, and You're Doing Your Best

Nobody has a life that's free of problems. Nor does it come with an instruction manual. We have to do the best we can to cope with life, and that's not always easy (in fact, it rarely is!). So appreciate that you're doing your best and always have done. Don't be critical of yourself because you haven't always got it right. That's just impossible!


We're Not Nearly Nice Enough to Ourselves

How often do we give ourselves messages that we'd never say to someone else? We are really quite rude about ourselves and think that we're just not good enough. So be nicer to yourself and recognise what you have to offer. You're a smart, caring, decent person and the world is lucky to have you!


You're a Unique Individual

You may not be perfect (so what!), but you are a unique individual. There's nobody else quite like you in the world, and it would be a different place without you. You are important to a number of people who care about you. Everyone has something to offer, so recognise what your contribution to the world is, even if it doesn't seem to be that significant.


You Can Be Too Modest!

Why is it considered so bad to be proud of yourself and your accomplishments? You know, you can be too modest! So you're probably a much better person than you think you are. Start being proud of what you've achieved and what you have to offer!

What five things do you most like about yourself? Go on, make a list!

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