Lessons Napoleon Hill Can Teach You about Success ...


Before I launch into the lessons from Napoleon Hill, I should tell you who he is.

Simplistically he is an author of self help topics.

In reality, he is considered a pioneer of personal success literature and he’s pretty damned good too.

When I let you know that some of the lessons from Napoleon Hill come from “Think and Grow Rich” – the best selling non-fiction English language book of all time – I’m sure you’ll sit up and pay attention.

1. We Learn How to Succeed

One of the lessons from Napoleon Hill is that success is a gradual process that works the same way we learn how to fall.2

We are supposed to fall and are supposed to learn how to balance.

It is why so many older people seem to have money – it is because they have learned their lessons and are becoming successful because of them.2

2. Your Path to Success Will Not Be a Straight Line

Many people imagine that if you could chart success on a graph, it would show a line slowly going upwards with a smooth curve, when in fact real success would look like the graph on a seismometer after a massive earthquake.

Steve Jobs was fired from Apple before being brought back to make it huge, and the founders of Microsoft were laughed out of every major electronics manufacturer’s office when they were young – even when they offered to work for free.

3. We Can Learn through Examples

This is not a secret, but Napoleon Hill’s books show that using examples often makes a better point, such as the examples on the last point with the founders of Microsoft and Steve Jobs with Apple.2

4. You Can Show People Exactly How to Be Successful and Less than 2% of People Will Achieve It

This seems pessimistic, but the point he was making was that even if you know how to be successful, there is only a small portion of the population that will follow through with it and actually become successful.

The best example of this was at a marketing conference where the crowd was asked if they thought “Think and Grow Rich” was the best book ever written on success.2

They answered yes.

The man at the conference then asked, “Are you using it to be the most successful you can be?” And, again they answered yes.

He then said, “What should you do every morning when you wake up?” And, the room was stuck with silence.2

They all claimed to be following the book, but not even 1% of the crowd were following the explicit instructions in the book.

The Thing You Should do Each Morning
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