13 Inspiring Quotes to Help You Deal with Bullying ...


If you or someone you know is being bullied, there are quite a few inspiring quotes to help you deal with bullying.

Sometimes when you're bullied, you feel like you're alone.

The most important thing to remember is you're never alone.2

These are some of my favorite quotes to help you deal with bullying.

I know they've personally made me feel better.

1. Love Doesn't Hurt

Love Doesn't Hurt

This quote by Dan Pearce is one of my favorite quotes to help you deal with bullying.

It reminds me that the problem with bullies isn't that they don't like you – they simply hate themselves.

While it isn't a good excuse, it helps you place the blame where it belongs, with the bully.

Instead of seeing yourself is damaged, you see the bully as the damaged one.

2. Sand Paper

Sand Paper

Chris Colfer had it right when he said this.

Don't let the bullies beat you down.

Instead, let them polish you into a a beautiful diamond.

When all is said and done, you'll shine and they'll always remain in your shadow.

It may take time, but the people who hurt you will one day envy how amazing you are.2

Remember, sand paper wears out, but you don't have to.

3. Fire and Smoke

Fire and Smoke

This simple quote by Benjamin Disraeli is incredibly powerful.

Bullies are just smoke that fades away.

Being courageous in the face of bullying is like a fire than can't be tamed.

What's more impressive – fire or smoke?

Fire is always the stand out.

Don't be afraid to shine bright and watch the smoke fade away.

4. Obligation to Be an Individual

Obligation to Be an Individual

Eleanor Roosevelt said some very wise words in her time.

Bullies target individuals for being different.

Despite what they do or say, it is your right to be who you are.

It's individuals who change the world, not bullies.

Bullies just want to be like everyone else.2

Don't let them tame your individuality.

The world needs it.

Enemies Are Good
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