9 Inspirational Quotes for Budding Artists ...


I like to think of life and art as one in the same thing, so for all you creative-minded people out there, below are some quotes for budding artists that should inspire you with your craft.

Whatever your choice of medium may be, these quotes for budding artists are sure to make you ponder and reflect a little on that creative energy that we all have access to;

if only we can spend a little time developing it.

1. Don't Give up

Don't Give up

This is one of my favorite quotes for budding artists that I think is not only beautifully written, but is pretty accurate too.

If you are someone that spends time doing what you do, then you leave your artwork for a while, it seemingly takes longer to get back into it.

This quote will inspire you to get back into the rhythm of your inner sanctum and not to give up.

2. Life is Art

Life is Art

If you think art will be a daytime job for you, one way of looking at your job is to think that life and art are inseparable.2

Art isn’t just a medium or a craft that you envelop yourself with, it's more a mental state.

An artist is someone that is constantly learning and questioning.

Even the act of questioning yourself is artistic.2

To be an artist is not to do art, but to be art.

3. Great Works

Great Works

Who can ignore the words of one of the greatest artists to have ever lived?

If you agree with my theme from the beginning of this article that life is art, then you’ll agree with Leonardo’s choice of words too.

4. Focus on the Small Things

Focus on the Small Things

When you really think about it, the works of great artists are viewed for very short times and it's the most successful artists that truly become legends after they’ve lived.

If we want to be successful while we are alive, it is the small things we should be paying attention to.

If you’re waiting for the big things to happen in your life, then you’re waiting for the perfect life that may never even happen.

There are so many opportunities swirling at your feet – go seize them!

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