7 Tricks for Girls Who Want to Build Self Confidence Instantly πŸ‘ΈπŸ‘πŸΌ πŸ’― ...


When an attractive person walks by, heads turn.

And that attraction doesn’t just have to be because they have a beautiful face.

Confident people are just as irresistible as beautiful people.

When you stand tall, walk with a sense of purpose, look polished, and smile, people want to make eye contact with you.

The outward reflection of your confidence and self-esteem makes you irresistible.

Irresistible … Who, you?

Yes, you!

1. Treat Everyone with Respect

One of the best ways to radiate confident is to treat all those around you with the utmost respect.2

The kindness that you show to others will reflect back on you in the warmth and respect that you receive in return.

This atmosphere of positivity will do wonders for boosting your confidence and making your personality really attractive to all those around you.

2. Avoid Small Talk

If you can, try to avoid engaging in too many extended periods of small talk.

It’s no fun for either person involved in the conversation and most of the time ends up being an awkward mess.

Getting straight to the point in a matter of fact but friendly way certainly radiates an air of confidence both in yourself and in the person you are talking with.

Not having to skate around a subject before you bring it up is a good show of character.

3. Don’t Try Too Hard

Natural, easy confidence is all about not having to try too hard.

If you find yourself really pushing your personality on a person, it will come across as aggressive and needy rather than confident.2

A truly confident person should be comfortable in their own skin and not have to impose themselves too severely on a group to be recognized and respected.2

4. Focus on Others

A classic trait of somebody who possesses an irresistible confidence is their authentic interest in others over themselves.

You should spend less time concerned with what others think about you, and more time engaging and conversing in a meaningful way with people.

Ask open-ended questions to get discussions flowing, and your peers will really enjoy the fact that you are interested in what they have to say.

Be Presentable
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