How Can You Avoid Embarrassing Yourself in Public?


Everyone can probably think of a time that they embarrassed themselves in public.

Maybe it was through something you said or did but the memory of it definitely sticks with you.

There’re some ways to avoid embarrassing yourself in public.

I hope these tips are helpful to you.

1. Relax

One of the biggest things you can do to avoid embarrassing yourself in public is to relax.

Most embarrassing moments happen because you’re nervous or apprehensive about a situation you’re in.2

Remind yourself that there’s nothing to be nervous about.

Even if you’re around a group of people you don’t know, remember that they’re just people that have flaws, too.

Relaxing is going to give you a much better chance at avoiding embarrassing yourself.

2. Pretend You’re Not Nervous

Pretending you’re not nervous can be a helpful trick to play on yourself.

It can help you to avoid embarrassing yourself.

It’ll also help you to truly feel less nervous.

Faking confidence has a way of fooling you into feeling confident.

It’s one of those fake it till you make it moments in life.

3. Take the Temperature of a Room

There’re times you could embarrass yourself by not being observant of the circumstances around you.2

Taking the temperature of a room when you enter it is always a good idea.2

Observe it for a few moments to judge if it’s a somber mood, a casual mood or maybe even humorous.

Knowing what the mood is before you join in a conversation is a good idea.

It can prevent you from making a comment that would embarrass you.

4. Give Other People Space to Talk

Some people tend to talk a lot when they’re nervous.2

It’s their way of making a situation more comfortable.

Other people just have more outgoing personalities and tend to talk a lot.

It’s great to be able to converse freely.

But on occasion, you may want to pause to make sure you’re not taking over the conversation.

Give others the chance to add to the discussion, too.

Be Yourself
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