7 Great Ways Women Can Support Each Other ...


While there are so many ways women can support each other, I often think we fail in our duties. Between women thereโ€™s always a bit of jealousy, rivalry or envy going on, but we could make our lives so much easier if we would get out of each otherโ€™s way. Supporting other women doesnโ€™t only show compassion, but itโ€™s also important to remember that we can learn from each other, every single day. Additionally, supporting each other in difficult times is one beautiful thing, but to support each other in times when things are going well is also crucial. Here are 7 great ways women can support each other through thick and thin.

1. Be Happy for Other Women

I sometimes find that women fail to be happy for other women, but this is certainly not one of the ways women can support each other. So what if one of your girlfriends has the cutest guy, a great job or a slim figure you would die for? Not only is it not nice to begrudge other women of the things she has; it also shows that you suffer from jealousy. If someone is good enough to be your girlfriend, she is good enough to deserve whatever it is that she has. So next time she expresses her joy about something, tell her youโ€™re happy for her and that she deserves it. There's actually a Sanskrit word for this "happy for your success" feeling: mudita!

Stick up for Other Women
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