You Loved to do These Things as a Child - It's Time to do Them Again ...


When we were children we indulged in many activities that meant we were happy nearly 100% of the time. What about if we could get back that childhood mentality where we felt free and happy most of the time? There are so many things we loved to do as a child and maybe it's time we started doing them again.

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Run for Fun

Do you remember when you used to run just for fun? Sometimes, we weren't even running to or from anything, we were just running because it made us feel awesome. I love the episode from FRIENDS where Phoebe runs like a crazy lady and doesn't care what anyone thinks of her and I think we can learn a lot from that philosophy. Running is great fun and burns calories too so start running for fun, just like the kids do!


Play Hard

Remember when we used to play? If you have young children or work with them and you watch them playing, you can see how they have such imagination. They don't care who's watching or what they're thinking. They don't care that the imaginary world they have created makes no sense at all. No matter what, they're having a ball.


Love to Laugh

Laughter really is the best medicine. We can all learn to laugh a little more and not take life too seriously. Sure, life is hard and we have bills to pay and important deadlines to meet but it doesn't mean we can't laugh through it. Laughter will make you feel amazing and cures all manner of ills. Whether it's a full blown belly laugh or a giggle like a goose, who cares what you sound like, just let loose!


Remember those infectious giggles that sprang up out of the blue when you were a kid? They're still there, nestled deep in your heart, waiting to bubble over. In your childhood, every silly face or quirky joke erupted in laughter, and it's time to let that joy flow again. Find your favorite comedy, call up that friend who always knows how to make you snicker, or simply laugh at your own quirks. Life's too short, so punctuate it with chuckles and watch your stresses lose their grip, one chortle at a time.


Get Dirty

Kids get dirty and don't understand the big deal when we berate them for bringing the mud and dirt into the house or getting their clothes dirty. When was the last time you rolled around in the dirt for fun? We get so annoyed when we drop food on our clothes but do you ever see the kids doing the same? No. Again, their lack of self-consciousness means they don't care about the grass in their hair or the mud on their shoes. Let's get in a mess and care a little less.


Be Silly

When was the last time you were silly? I know, you work in an office, wear a suit and are supposed to act professionally all the time but when was the last time you were silly just because? When was the last time you did something really mischievous? Unlock the child within and do something cheeky. You'll feel amazing I promise.


Dress up

Kids love to dress up don't they. When was the last time you raided the dressing up box? The sad thing is, when we get to a certain age we're told that we can't act a certain way and that we need to compose ourselves most of the time. It's time to don that silly wig, hat and star-shaped glasses guys!


Let's Go Crazy

Kids go crazy and just let go when the moment takes them. This can drive us mad but they don't have any inhibitions and will run, laugh and play when the mood takes them. They climb trees, swing from ropes and explore other worlds but unfortunately, we sometimes try to quash their enthusiasm and zest for life by telling them to sit up straight, be quiet and suppress all their natural impulses. What if we went crazy, just for a few minutes a day?...

These are just some of the things we loved to do as a child. Don't you think it's time to unleash the child within a little more often? What did you love to do as a child?

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Love thisss brings back so many memories 😇🙈🙉🙊💕

Thank you, Rosalina! I ❤️ THIS!

What else..? Eat candies and watch cartoons?

I loved climbing trees up to the highest point, now I am afraid of heights. 😁

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