You Can πŸ‘πŸΌ Be Successful πŸ’° by Being More Vulnerable πŸ˜” ...

So much advice about success and achieving your goals calls for you to be positive and strong and even ballsy. There’s nothing wrong with that – of course it works – but did you ever imagine that vulnerability is also a major factor in your life success? It sounds kinda scary because being vulnerable meaning opening yourself up. But putting your hopes and fears on the line is enlightening and rewarding and can move you forward to your goals.

1. Accept You Are Worthy

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One of the most effective ways to be more vulnerable is to look deep within yourself and realise that you are worthy to begin with. If you are opening up to a person and sharing intimate things about yourself, then you need to have the belief that you are worthy of receiving a positive response from the person that you have told. You won’t get far with vulnerability if deep down you don’t believe that you deserve to be treated well.

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