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Important Reasons Why You Should Learn to Forgive Yourself to Find Peace ...

By Curtis

There are lots of reasons why you should learn to forgive yourself. I had a good conversation with a buddy of mine and I want to talk about what we discussed with you, fine readers. My friend was telling me how he disrespected his wife so bad, he believes he deserves to be treated with harsh abuse. Abuse such as verbal abuse, physical abuse, and mental anguish. I asked him why he believes he deserves this and he told me, "The Bible tells us to forgive 70x7 and more, but how much can I forgive her in order to get the same respect?" I had to ask, "Did you ever forgive yourself?" He looked at me with shock and said, "No." The reason why I'm sharing this story with you is because no one, not even my friend, deserves to be put through the torment. If you can forgive yourself and ask for forgiveness, that is all that matters. This is what I truly believe and I'll tell you why there are so many reasons why you should learn to forgive yourself.

I was once asked by a pastor when I was a Christian, "Have you ever forgiven yourself for what you used to do?" I said of course I did. I asked him why and what he had to say was, "If you have forgiven yourself, then God would have been pouring all His blessings on you and all your prayers would have been answered. You would not be in the state that you are in now." This blew me away when I was younger. As I am older now, I can understand what he truly meant. In order to move past our shame of what we have done to ourselves and others in order receive blessings no matter what religion you’re in, your soul will find that peace it deserves, regardless of whether the next person you wronged forgives you.

We need to really focus on ourselves more and find that true peace in a world of chaos. We are so worried and stressed out about the next person, that we forget we are living our own lives. We shouldn't have to put our lives on hold just to seek the forgiveness of others. If the person truly loves us (if it’s our significant other) or if they are truly our friend, then they will see past our flaws and forgive us. But the most important and sincere part of forgiveness is the ability to forgive yourself.

Dear readers, learn to forgive yourself. As long as you ask for forgiveness of your friends, family, and enemies, God and your own soul will forgive you. If the person or people you seek forgiveness from rejects it, that's their loss. A true friend or partner would accept it and move past it for their own sake. So forgive yourself so that you may receive the blessings you’re missing.

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