Who Are the Barbie Sheroes ?


Who Are  the Barbie Sheroes ?
Who Are  the Barbie Sheroes ?

Who are the Barbie Sheroes? In the last several years, Mattel has started creating Barbies with more diverse skin tones and body shapes, along with a wider range of occupations. The updates to the classic brand are part of their business turnaround strategy since the toy maker's revenue fell 11 percent last year. High achieving and historic women have been made into Barbie dolls. And in March 2018, Mattel introduced a batch of new dolls based on real-life and inspiring figures from the past and present. These new additions are part of their “Sheroes” line. Read details about who are the Barbie Sheroes below.

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Frida Kahlo

Kahlo was born in Mexico in 1907 and was an activist and feminist. She gained recognition in the art world with her blend of realism and fantasy. And she continues to be a symbol of strength, originality, and passion today. This doll wears a long dress, fringed shawl and floral headpiece.


Katherine Johnson

This math whiz “Hidden Figures” doll wears a pink dress and has black-rimmed glasses as well as a NASA badge around her neck. She is based on the first black woman to work for NASA as a mathematician and physicist!


Chloe Kim

Chloe Kim won a gold medal for snowboarding at the 2018 Winter Olympics. The doll designed in her likeness wears her signature camo-print bib pants and black beanie.

All the impressive women being honored by Barbie challenge gender stereotypes about women's intellectual capacity, abilities, sexuality and power in the world.

Here is the full list of Barbie Sheroes for 2018:
- Bindi Irwin (conservationist, Australia)
- Nicola Adams, (boxing champion, UK)
- Çağla Kubat (windsurfer, Turkey)
- Hélène Darroze, (world-renowned chef, France)
- Hui Ruoqi (volleyball champion, China)
- Leyla Piedayesh (designer and entrepreneur, Germany)
- Lorena Ochoa (professional golfer, Mexico)
- Martyna Wojciechowska (journalist, Poland)
- Sara Gama (soccer player, Italy)
- Xiaotong Guan (actress and philanthropist, China)
- Yuan Yuan Tan, (prima ballerina, China)
- Vicky Martin Berrocal (entrepreneur and fashion designer, Spain)

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