15 Remarkable Ways to Support Other Women ...


15 Remarkable Ways to Support Other Women ...
15 Remarkable Ways to Support Other Women ...

There are lots of ways to support other women. Female friendship and solidarity is a powerful thing, so in honour of International Women’s Day, here are some awesome ways to build stronger and healthier relationships with the women in your life. Use these ways to support other women with all the ladies in your life.

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Their Beauty is Not an Absence of Your Own

It’s easy to feel jealous and insecure, to compare ourselves to other women and feel bitter as a result. Remember, someone else being beautiful doesn’t mean you’re not also beautiful. Letting women know they look good is one of the best ways to support other women.


But There’s More to It than Just Looks

Our society is very superficial, so it can be so easy to get wrapped up in looks. Try and value other things about women; their smarts and empathy, their loyalty and sense of humour.


Listen to Other Women

So, so often I find women in conversations get cut off by louder men. Now, this isn’t always the case, but when someone is blatantly repeating her point or explaining something you know all too well? Show you're listening to other women. Say, “she wasn’t finished talking” or make eye contact. You could make someone’s day.


Stand Together

As a teenager, I think most of us went through the awful “I’m not like other girls” phase. Growing up, I realise this is more “I’m not a traditional female stereotype”. This is because you’re your own person. No girl is like other girls because we are all unique. Don’t distance yourself from other women – support each other!


Own It

Wear makeup and short skirts. Drink the pink cocktails and take selfies. Don’t let the world warp you into hating things just because they think you should.


Life is Too Short

No, someone’s gender doesn’t make them a better or worse person. But life is way too short to hold prejudices. Love and support the women in your life. You’re so much stronger as a community.


Feminism is Not a Bad Word

Yes, feminism has a huge scope and everyone has varying opinions. But calling yourself feminist is not a bad thing! It just means you support women’s rights, and an easy way to do this is to support other women.


Lift up, Don’t Tear down

I think we’re all guilty of making snap judgments and judging other women a little too harshly. Maybe she’s a little overweight, or those clothes don’t suit her. Who cares? She could be an awesome person and a great friend. Let women live their own lives and you can live your own.



Yes, envy is something we all deal with. No, you shouldn’t let it ruin friendships.


Be Careful around Young Girls

Children are susceptible enough without adults encouraging young girls to act a certain way. Let young girls get dirty and shout. Don’t justify “boys will be boys” but punish girls. Encourage them to be doctors and astronauts if they want. Empower all girls.


Don’t Tolerate Sexism

Don’t tolerate ‘jokes’ that tear other women down. No, she doesn’t belong in the kitchen. Laughing along with a bully makes you a bully. Stand up for other women and they’ll stand up for you.


Believe Other Women

Treat others the way you would want to be treated. If you come forward with a story about being harassed, wouldn’t you want support rather than judging and accusations of lying?


Be Proud of Other Women

Applaud their success. Don’t let jealousy consume you. If they succeeded, so can you!


Consider What Media You Consume

Movies, books, games and so on are heavily dominated by men. They tell some great stories, but you can support women by supporting them! Look for films by female directors, support movies and books with female leads. Even better, this gives young women something to aspire too.


And Finally…

Supporting women means supporting yourself. Take time for yourself. Love yourself. You deserve it.

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