What the Solar Eclipse πŸŒ’Means for You 😏 According to Your Zodiac Sign ♏️ ♐️ ♑️ ...

Did you know that the longest total lunar eclipse in the century is happening July 27th, 2018? It is set to be a visual marvel for all aspiring star gazers across the world, but could it also hold more power and influence than just the cool sights that it will provide for us in the sky? Not only are astronomers very excited about the eclipse, but dedicated astrologists are also eager to find out what the event might have in store. Here is what the solar eclipse means for you according to your zodiac sign!

1. Aries

It’s going to make you really crave change, but just make sure that whatever you decide to do, you do it for a more reasons than just because the eclipse is inspiring you to.

2. Taurus

You will definitely start to feel more sensitive around this time, you will be more susceptible to small changes in your dynamics with your friends and family, so make sure that you don’t whip up an unnecessary drama.

3. Gemini

If you have any loose ends in your life that need tying up, then the energy that the eclipse creates will give you the opportunity for closure that you have been after.

4. Cancer

The eclipse is going to help you to focus on yourself. You are someone who is always worrying about others first, but the eclipse energy will help you to be a little more selfish in a good way and practise more self care.

5. Leo

In true dramatic Leo fashion, the eclipse is going to make you feel like your world is turning upside down, but work on finding the light at the end of the tunnel because this energy won’t be around forever!

6. Virgo

Your life might get a little bit messy for a while, it will feel like you have lost some of the control that you usually have, but remember that there is always calm after a storm.

7. Libra

The eclipse energy is going to make you feel absolutely invincible! You can expect lots of positive and spontaneous things to happen to you in the near future.

8. Scorpio

That thing that you have been pondering for a long time? That mystery that you have been looking to solve? Well, once the eclipse has happened it will feel like a fog has cleared and you will suddenly see a way forward!

9. Sagittarius

There will be a huge energy release for you around the time of the eclipse, you will suddenly feel like all of the hard work that you have been putting in is finally paying off.

10. Capricorn

You will suddenly feel extremely motivated to finally get going with those things that you have been putting off. It’s time to get proactive!

11. Aquarius

You are going to feel a rapid boost in creativity, so prepare yourself for this period by lining up lots of tasks that until now you haven’t had the motivation or inspiration to do!

12. Pisces

You need to be careful around the time of the eclipse, because you are going to be unable to control your emotions for better or for worse!

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