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What the Hardest Challenge Will Be This Year for Your Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

With each new year comes lots of new opportunities, but equally, with each new year, there can be lots of obstacles and challenges as well. One of the best things about human beings is our ability to be able to take a lot of stress and turmoil without buckling under the pressure, but I think it’s fair to say that we would all be a lot happier if we could have a clue of what might be ahead! Here is the hardest challenge for your zodiac sign this year.

1 Aries

You biggest challenge this year is going to be staying with your partner. You will experience some ups and down, and it’s not up to me to say which way you want to go in the end, but the biggest bump in the road is definitely going to be your relationship.

2 Taurus

You biggest challenge is going to be your need to evolve, because you are notoriously resistant to change. Things can’t stay the same forever, and 2019 is the year when you won’t be able to ignore it anymore.


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3 Gemini

Your biggest challenge will be retaining the independence that you cherish so much. Your life circumstances will change and you will have more responsibility, but it is important to you to keep that time and space for yourself.

4 Cancer

You are going to feel trapped at more than one point this year, so your biggest challenge is going to be navigating that trapped feeling and finding the light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t be scared, the light is definitely going to be there.

5 Leo

Your biggest challenge is going to be coping with ups and downs of your job. It feels like it is going to be sink or swim year in your career, so better find those armbands!

6 Virgo

This year you are going to struggle with weeding out fake friends and friends that are toxic. It might be difficult in the moment, but it will be worth it in the end.

7 Libra

Your challenge will be limiting your focus to just one or two specific things. Your problem a lot of the time is that you stretch yourself too thin by committing to too many different things.

8 Scorpio

Your biggest challenge is going to be working on making sure that you don’t get distracted from your main goals. You are very susceptible to being lead off onto tangents!

9 Sagittarius

You are confident and you aren’t afraid to show your charm and talents, but your biggest challenge this year is going to be making sure that you stay humble at the same time!

10 Capricorn

Your biggest challenge is going to be letting go of control of your boundaries and allowing yourself to finally fall in love. That’s on the cards this year!

11 Aquarius

Your biggest challenge is going to be finally accepting that home is where the heart is, and that you don’t need to run around different places anymore.

12 Pisces

Your biggest challenge is going to be going against your nature and following the money for once. You will have big career opportunities this year, don’t pass them up!

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