What Pushes Your Zodiac Sign to Breaking Point ...

By Melly

As human beings, we like to think that we can take a lot of bother and stress before we crack. The more resilient you can be, the better off you will be in the long run, but there is no denying that every now and then something happens that pushes us over the edge, and you can’t help but let it fly when that happens! Here is what pushes your zodiac sign to breaking point.

1 Aries

You always tend to reach your breaking point when some someone or something gets in the way of you achieving something at the last minute. You can’t bear the process of being able to taste it and then having it taken away!

2 Taurus

You are a very possessive person, and you are prone to breaking when you have something taken away from you that you believe is solely yours.

3 Gemini

You tend to snap when you feel like you are being constantly misunderstood. Communication is too important to you for someone to regularly miss the point.

4 Cancer

You are a super emotional person, so the thing that tends to be your breaking point is when you clash with another Cancer who is just as emotional!

5 Leo

You cherish being the centre of attention at all times, so what drives you the edge is when you feel like nobody is listening to what you have to say!

6 Virgo

You are the most self critical of all the zodiac signs, so your breaking point tends to come when you keep failing to do something that you really want to succeed at.

7 Libra

Being unfairly treated is definitely your breaking point. You can’t stand it when you get blamed for something that you didn’t do!

8 Scorpio

You are as honest as the day is long, so the thing that is most likely to drive you over the edge is when you find out someone has been lying to you.

9 Sagittarius

Several rejections in a row is something you tend to take very badly; it puts a dent in your usual optimistic outlook.

10 Capricorn

To be honest, it doesn’t take much for a Capricorn to be overwhelmed and pushed to breaking point. Any kind of unwanted conflict is likely to do the job!

11 Aquarius

You are very unpredictable, which means that your breaking point can change from day to day! As a general rule though, people being rude is something that really boils your blood.

12 Pisces

You are a very existential person, someone who can’t help but carry the world’s troubles on your shoulders. Honestly, just turning on the news on any given day can be enough to break you right now!

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