7 Ways to Turn off Your AutoPilot and Stop Missing Your Life ...


Why would you need ways to turn off your autopilot? Do you even recognize you are running with the autopilot switched to on? People live their lives in the perpetual belief that things are going to be better in the future if they struggle onwards now. This is not the case, since the way you think, feel, look and act right now is going to be very similar in five years. Take control and follow some of these ways to turn off your autopilot and start seeing what you are missing.

1. Get off Your but

One of the major and most effective ways to turn off your autopilot is to understand that you are passively making excuses for inaction every day. The word β€œdistraction” should even be renamed as "excuse." Get off your "but" means stop using sentences with the word "but" in them, like:

β€œI like him, but he would never go for me.”

β€œI have tried, but I get tired after ten minutes.”

β€œI know, but what if he hits me?”

You Are Tired and You Don’t Know It
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