7 Ways to Get More Time to Yourself Every Single Day ...


Are you hoping to learn some ways to get more time to yourself? Most women are. I don’t have all of the answers but I can tell you how I have made this work for me. Following these tips are great ways to get more time to yourself, too.

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Exercise is one of the great ways to get more time to yourself. It is not the most fun way that exists but it is a way to get time to yourself and do something that is good for you at the same time. Chances are, your family does not want to join you while you exercise. They will get used to you taking time for exercising and learn that time is off limits. If you treat it as non-negotiable time, they will learn to respect it, as well.


Call a Friend

Another way to get more time to yourself is to call a friend. This is something enjoyable you can do just for yourself. My favorite way to enjoy this is to close myself in the bedroom while I enjoy a nice, lengthy chat to catch up. If you teach your children to respect your time being on the phone, it becomes a time you can look forward to. It does take a bit of time to do that.


Nurture Your Spirituality

Another great way to get time to yourself each day is to nurture your spirituality. Every day, I make a spot in my day to do that. I prefer to do that in the mornings because it seems to help me have a better perspective for the day ahead. This is never time that is wasted. Time spent nurturing your spirituality is invested in making you a better person.


Take Your Time Getting Ready

I used to rush through getting ready to go somewhere. And sometimes we have to do that because that is all that our schedule allows. But when you can, take your time getting ready. Enjoy doing your makeup and hair. You will feel better about yourself when you do this and enjoy the time you are getting to focus just on you.


Indulge in Social Media

Yes, social media has a lot of negative pitfalls. But there are also ways that you can use it for good. It can be a nice little distraction from the stress in your life, too. The key is to enjoy it for a little while and then go on with your real life. Don’t allow it to suck you in and become your life.


Watch a Favorite Television Show

A favorite television show can be a great way to get time to yourself. It is a nice way to relax and have some pleasure. The trick is to discover one that only you like and watch it alone. I have been hearing good things about the show “Downton Abbey,” and I'm thinking that this may be one that I can use for this purpose. It is a really enjoyable way to spend the evening after a busy day.


Go Shopping Alone

This is probably my favorite way to get time to myself. I enjoy shopping when I can just go, take my time, browse to my heart's content and not have to look for anything in particular. It is nice to look and get to do so without having to make conversation with anyone. I love to have a shopping buddy too, but sometimes it is nice to get to shop alone. I always feel refreshed after a day of shopping alone.

These are some of the best ways I have found to sneak time in for myself as a busy wife and mom. But I would love to hear your secrets. How do you sneak time in for yourself?

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