Ways to Stop πŸ›‘ Feeling Insecure πŸ˜” in Your Relationships πŸ’‘ ...


No matter how much you might like to deny or ignore it, the truth is that we all feel insecure at times in our lives. A lot of this insecurity is often caused by the different types of relationships that you have, from romantic to platonic to professional. If you feel insecure in a relationship, you are much more likely to be taken advantage of, and that isn’t the kind of relationship that you need in your life. Here are some suggestions for ways to stop feeling insecure in your relationships.

1. Stop Mind Reading

Stop going through the process of attempting to read someone’s mind, because you rarely ever get things right! Rather than being a revelatory exercise, it only results in you making false assumptions about the person and building up a picture of them without their knowledge. And this picture is so often the complete opposite of what the truth is.

Lower Expectations
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