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How to Survive Christmas when You're Single ...

By Sici

Thanks to all of those Christmas themed rom-coms, and the fact that you have to go back home to see all of your loved up family members each year, the prospect of spending the holidays as a single woman can strike fear into the hearts of even the most independent women! Sure, you miss out on a few little cute couply things during this time, but mainly it is the thoughts and opinions of everyone else that can get you down! Here is how to survive Christmas when you’re single.

1 Don’t Wallow

The sorrier you feel for yourself, the sorrier other people are going to feel for you, and this is just going to create a terrible cycle of sympathetic looks and condescending advice. Misery only ever breeds more misery, so don’t set yourself up for a terrible time over Christmas by buying into the societal pressures and notions that all people need to be coupled up over the holidays. It’s nonsense!

2 Large Gatherings

Pick and choose the parties and gatherings that you go to, opting for the more populated ones rather than intimate get-togethers. The more people there are at a party, the less likely you are going to be to get cornered by a group and ordered to divulge your romantic status. Also, in larger crowds, it’s much easier to slip away from circles and avoid the people that you know are going to want to bring up your singledom.


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3 Be Busy

Look for and arrange things to fill up your free time over the holidays, because the less time you give yourself to wallow and be alone, the less anxious and depressed you are likely to feel about being single. Grab the festive season by both barrels and throw yourself into the cheer of it all. The less quiet downtime you have, the less you are going to wish you have someone by your side to snuggle with!

4 Being a Single Pal

If you are going out to a Christmas party, make sure to take one or two other single friends along with you. There is nothing worse than being the only person without a partner on their arm at a gathering, so if you take along your own gang of single gals, you know that there are going to be at least a few of you there in solidarity!

5 Fun Comebacks

There is no rule that states you need to give a heartfelt or authentic answer when nosy Aunt Debra asks you why you haven’t got a boyfriend yet. In fact, be as cheeky or as sarcastic as you want; hopefully, she will get the message and won’t bring it up again!

6 Take a Break

Don’t feel like you need to meet attendance obligations like you are at school. If you aren’t feeling a gathering or get together, then simply remove yourself from the situation. You are a grown adult, after all, and there is nothing wrong with taking control of your own actions and doing what you want!

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