Ways to Keep Your Long Distance BFF Close at Heart ...

I have discovered many ways to stay best friends when you are miles apart. This article will be very personal for me because my best friend does live many miles and states away. All of this information is what we use to stay close across a great distance. I hope that some of these ways to stay best friends inspire you in how to stay close, too.

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The way that my friend and I communicate the most deeply is through email. It is one of the most helpful ways to stay best friends for us and many other friendships. It is a great way to sit and chat to your heartโ€™s content at your convenience. You can also share things like recipes or even share links to things you are thinking of purchasing. It is an easy way to share and get feedback on things you would like a best friendโ€™s advice on, like a new purse or pair of jeans.

2. Share the Small Stuff

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If you want your friendship to stay close, share the small stuff with one another. Donโ€™t just focus on the big things, although they definitely matter, of course. Share that you are having a bad hair day or that you found a great new shampoo. Send a picture of the delicious dinner you just cooked. Those are the kinds of things that keep you connected.

3. Send Cards and Gifts

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Is there anything better than getting a package or card in the mail from your best friend? It is always wonderful to know that your best friend has thought of you. Send your best friend gifts on holidays. Drop a card in the mail for no other reason than to tell your friend you love them and are thinking of them. It will make their day and yours.

4. Text Often

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My best friend and I text regularly. It is a great way to stay in contact and share little tidbits that happen to us throughout the day. After all, most people always have their phones close at hand so this works out well. A lot of times you know that you want to tell your best friends something but if you donโ€™t share it right away, you will probably forget. Texting takes care of that problem for you.

5. Use Other Forms of Technology

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There are so many different forms of technology that you can use to stay close to your best friend across the miles. Why not utilize whatever works for your friendship? One bit of technology my best friend and I use is the Snapchat app, but there are so many choices to choose from. The point is, you want to choose something that keeps you connected. It is even better if it is something fun to enjoy.

6. Phone Calls

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Going out for girls' night to catch up isnโ€™t possible when you are miles apart. When that is the case, you connect in other ways. And as wonderful as all of the other ways listed are, sometimes there is just nothing like a good phone call to catch up. Sometimes there are issues you are going through when you just need to talk things over and a phone call is the best way to do that. Many an issue can be solved through a phone call with your best friend.

7. Plan Visits Whenever You Can

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You canโ€™t really control that you live miles apart. But that doesnโ€™t mean that you have to accept never seeing each other. Plan visits when you can. When you can get together, make the most of it. Cram as much time and as many activities in together as possible. It will help your friendship to stay strong.

It isnโ€™t as easy to stay close when you are miles apart, but if you are truly best friends you can make it work. Does your best friend live miles from you? How do you make it work for your friendship?

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