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Sometimes it is necessary to disengage from a negative person in your life. Most of us have the unfortunate experience of knowing someone in our close circle who is definitely negative. It is very difficult when you are in this position because their negativity can bring you down. It is important to know how to disengage from a negative person.

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Be Kind

It may seem counterproductive to be kind in order to disengage from a negative person, but I don’t think there is ever truly a call for rudeness. There are steps you can take in addition to being kind that will help you to disengage, but I felt it was important to stress the importance of this before we go on. It is the right thing to do regardless of whether someone is negative or positive. A fringe benefit of this is that you never know, you could inspire their negativity to turn into positivity. You could be a good influence on them.


Maintaining kindness is not just about the other person, but also about preserving your own sense of well-being. When you respond with gentleness, this can create a buffer of goodwill and often sets a tone of respect in the interaction. Kindness can be a firm but gentle boundary that lets the negative individual know you won't be brought down to a level of pettiness. Additionally, by staying true to your compassionate nature, you protect your own peace and keep your emotional energy in check, making it easier to step away when necessary.


Be Distant

Sometimes there are people in our lives that it is necessary to take a step back from. This isn’t to be mean but sometimes it is necessary for your own sanity and mental health. Negative people are not people who it is healthy to have a close relationship with. While you want to always remain kind and polite, you just don’t want to go the extra mile with this sort of person. You need to shy away from friendship with them and only have bare minimum conversations. Distance is your friend when it comes to disengaging from a negative person.


Creating distance is an act of self-preservation, not rudeness. If conversations are unavoidable, keep them short and superficial. It’s essential to build barriers that protect your well-being. Reevaluate your interactions and reduce the time spent with those who drain your energy. Be tactful but firm; they may not understand your need for space, and that’s okay. You are not obligated to justify your actions when it comes to safeguarding your peace. Remember, it’s okay to choose serenity over chaos, even if it means becoming a master of avoidance in certain relationships.


Schedule a Rescue Call

If you know that you are going to be in a situation with a negative person that you cannot avoid, schedule a rescue call. This means that you have someone call you and interrupt that time together. This way you have a good reason to exit the situation without looking rude. You can simply slip away to take your call or explain that you need to leave now. This can save you the headache of extended time with a negative person.


Refuse to Be Drawn in

Many times, a negative person wants to draw you into their negativity. They want you to participate in it with them. They would like you to express that they are right and agree their situation really is that bad. If you will put down someone they are putting down, so much the better. Refuse to be drawn in. Tell them you are sorry they are having a bad day and move on.


Acknowledge their feelings but maintain your emotional distance. It's important to be empathetic, yet set firm boundaries. Let them know you understand how they're feeling without indulging in the pessimism. Suggest they might find a different perspective beneficial, or recommend a more positive subject of conversation. If they persist, it's perfectly acceptable to excuse yourself politely and walk away. Your mental health is paramount and you are not obligated to be part of a negative cycle. Remember, your refusal to engage with negativity is not only a gift to yourself but could also serve as a subtle reminder that positivity is a choice.


Realize It is Contagious

Here is the thing about negativity that you really have to watch out for. It’s contagious. If you spend enough time with a negative person then you will become negative, too. Realizing that they can bring you down if you are not careful is good motivation to keep away from them. No one needs negativity in their life.


Explain You Need Positive Influences

If you are in a situation with someone extremely negative then you may just have to confront them head on, especially if you just can’t seem to shake them. Explain that you have noticed they tend toward being negative and that isn’t good for you. Tell them you need positive influences in your life. This may not change them but it will more than likely make them think twice about spewing all of that negativity to you. If you can get them to at least keep that to themselves, you have made great strides.



You know, there are just some situations where you have to run from negative people. Avoid them like the plague if you must. If none of these other measures have helped you, you just have to avoid them. They may figure it out but you have to do what you have to do to take care of yourself. Negative people poison others with their negativity. You don’t want to be their next victim.

Have you ever encountered a negative person in your close circle of friends or family? How did you disengage with them? Please share your story.

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really help!

For me you can just feel the vibe..

Pls How can u identify a negative person. What r their characteristics ?. Tnx

thanks for the post!

I will give your suggestions a shot. Although I think it will be hard to do. I have a friend who excessively puts me down in the name of advice and talks about their negative life all the time and it is driving me insane. The worst part is I find it extremely difficult to say no when they want to hang out.

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