7 Ways to Stay Best Friends when You Are Miles Apart ...


I have discovered many ways to stay best friends when you are miles apart. This article will be very personal for me because my best friend does live many miles and states away. All of this information is what we use to stay close across a great distance. I hope that some of these ways to stay best friends inspire you in how to stay close, too.

1. Email

The way that my friend and I communicate the most deeply is through email. It is one of the most helpful ways to stay best friends for us and many other friendships. It is a great way to sit and chat to your heart’s content at your convenience. You can also share things like recipes or even share links to things you are thinking of purchasing. It is an easy way to share and get feedback on things you would like a best friend’s advice on, like a new purse or pair of jeans.

Share the Small Stuff
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