7 Ways to Overcome Your Fears for Success and Happiness ...


If you ignore your fears they can feed on you like a fungus and take over your lives, so every woman should be well-armed with ways to overcome your fears. We’re not talking phobias here, but those fears that stop you moving forward, or taking a few risks; those fears that leave you standing at the door of opportunity, but afraid to open it. It may sound odd, but many women are held back by the fear of success and how it might change them, but when success is defined on so many levels and means something different to everyone, it’s easy to see just how far reaching fears might intrude into your life. And, the thing is, it’s easy to fail, and to allow failure. Rather than feeding them and letting them block your path, be positive and work on these ways to overcome your fears.

1. Know Your Fears

Before you know which ways to overcome your fears will work best for you, you need to know what your fears are. If you’re not sure what they are, try an exercise in reverse. You know what your goals are, so what is stopping you achieving those goals? Some of these blockers will be practical, such as not having a certain skill. So, analyse this further. Why do you not have this skill? What has stopped you getting it? When you boil it down to the very essence, you may well find you lack the confidence to go for it. Lack of self-confidence becomes a fear if it stops you moving forward.

Don’t Beat Yourself up about It
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