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If you ask me, making sure you stick to your deadline is one of the hardest parts of school or any job. Deadlines are a often scary and can easily make you stressed, which just isn’t healthy. If you have some strategies up your sleeve, however, you should be able to organise your time so you can stick to your deadline and avoid any kind of penalisation!

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Make a to-do List

It’s well known that making a to-do list helps in organisation, and that’s especially true when trying to stick to your deadline! Make a list of everything you need to get achieved before your due date, stick it somewhere you can always see it and be proud of yourself each time you cross something off. You go girl!


Stick to a Schedule

Create a schedule reflecting how you work best, for example many people work well in half-hour increments with ten minute breaks in between. Allow yourself to be comfortable with your working style and factor in everything you need to accomplish.


Let Yourself Have Breaks

It is unrealistic to think that you can focus for hours on end on one task, so it is so important that you allow yourself to have breaks. Get a drink to keep yourself hydrated, grab something to eat, go for a walk or browse the Internet, and this will allow you to come back to your work refreshed and with a new perspective.


Reward Yourself

A great reward system I’ve come across is placing your favourite lolly on a few spots on the page you’re working on, then when you reach that place, you eat the lolly! Rewards are so important, because you deserve to celebrate how much you’ve accomplished. This will give you incentive to keep going and stick to that deadline!


Consider the Risks

If you consider the risks you might face when trying to stick to your deadline, then you can prepare for yourself for what you’ll do if you come across a problem. Risks are a normal part of life, and if you accept them then you can pull through and allow yourself to stay calm. After all, getting flustered won’t help anything.


Create a Progress Bar

If you really want to see how much you are getting achieved, draw up a progress bar and stick it above your workspace. As you go along, colour in the bar and allow yourself to be proud of how far you’ve come. It’s also a great and realistic way to see how far you have left to go. After all, there is a famous quote that exists: «progress is progress, not matter how small»!


Don’t Stress!

A little bit of stress is totally natural, but when it’s stopping you from achieving what you want to achieve then it’s certainly not helpful. If you feel yourself getting stressed then take a short break, go for a walk outside, then come back to your work. Stick to your goals and you’ll get there, I promise!

Deadlines are scary, but if you prepare yourself properly for them, then they won’t be an issue. You can create some great work when under pressure, so think of your deadline as a good thing. Keep a positive mind and it’ll be over before you know it! What’s your technique for making sure you stick to a deadline?

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