7 Ways to Break the Habit of Being Chronically Late ...


Do you want to break the habit of being chronically late? It can be a difficult habit to break, especially if you have been in this habit for a long time. It is however, very possible. These are 7 ways to help you break the habit of being chronically late.

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See How Long It Really Takes You to Get Ready

We are all late from time to time but when you are late all the time or almost all the time, you know there is a problem you need to address. One reason this can happen is that you don’t realize how much time you need to get ready. Time yourself and see how long it really takes you to get ready and adjust your timings to what you realistically need. This can help you to break the habit of being chronically late.


Allow for Delays in Route

Another way that people that are chronically late go wrong is that they do not allow for delays in their route. You know how long it takes you to get to your destination but it is important to allow some extra time in case you are held up by a delay. There are many kinds of delays that could occur. Road construction, weather conditions and coming upon vehicle accidents are just some of the things that could cause you a delay.


Get Enough Sleep

This one is one of the harder ones to put into practice, especially if you are a night owl. Staying up late at night will cause you to have trouble getting up when you need to the next morning. This, in effect, will cause you to run behind and be late if you have somewhere you need to be. You can avoid this by getting enough sleep. Gradually move your bedtime back by 15 minute increments until you notice you no longer have trouble getting up.


Do Some Prep Work

It is helpful if you do some prep work before you actually start getting ready. Rather than waiting until the last minute to decide what you are going to wear, decide that ahead of time. Iron your clothing ahead of time, if necessary. Lay out anything that you may need to take with you. All of these little steps can help make it easier to get ready on time.


Reward Yourself for Improvement

Rewarding yourself can really work. It can also keep you motivated to keep up the positive changes in the future. You might start with rewarding yourself after you are on time for things for a week. Then you may want to up that time period to a month. The reward can be anything that appeals to you.


Think about the Consequences

Sometimes, all it really takes is considering the consequences of being late. When you realize it could affect your job or your children’s record at school for having numerous tardies, that may be all the motivation you need. It does not go unnoticed when you are late. There are consequences, especially if it is an ongoing issue. It is helpful to realize this.


Realize How It Makes You Look

It can be beneficial to consider how being chronically late makes you look. It can make you look inconsiderate to others. It can also make you seem irresponsible. It is safe to say that being late does not have many positive effects. There is not really a way that being late makes you look better.

These are 7 ways that can help you break the habit of being chronically late. What have you found that is helpful with this issue? I look forward to learning from you.

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Wow thank you very much for talk about this issue I found it really helpful it's a big problem in my life and you might just solve it for 3 years I've been lateen for school and I almost got kicked ! Thank you again !

I pick out my clothes, any accessories, shoes too, then I pack my lunch and put out my work bag by my front door, as prep.

oh yh great thanks

I have found that ever since I started using a gps constantly, I am almost never late anymore. it keeps me real on how long it takes to get there.

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