7 Ways to Avoid Being Lazy on Your Day off ...


It can be tempting to become a couch potato on your day off instead of finding interesting ways to avoid being lazy! You can easily relax and have a good, low key time that's both refreshing and energizing and doesn't involve hours of TV or sitting around the house all day. On your much-needed day off, try these great ways to avoid being lazy that you will improve your day!

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Don't Sleep the Day Away

One of the best ways to avoid being lazy is to start your day off right by not hitting the snooze button over and over again. We all love sleeping in on our day off, but don't overdo it! A little extra sleep is a wonderful, rejuvenating thing, but remember to get up at a reasonable time so that you don't set the precedent for laziness the rest of the day.


Get Dressed & Ready to Go Early in the Day

The first thing you do after you wake up should be to eat a nutritious breakfast. Then, don't hesitate to get the day going by showering, getting dressed and preparing for your adventures. Once you're ready to walk out the door at any moment, it's a lot easier to avoid laziness!


Make Your Bed & Tidy up the House

I always feel more at ease and ready for the day when I make my bed right away. It instantly tidies up your room and prevents you from crawling back into bed! No one wants to mess up a newly made bed! Do a quick pick up of the house as well, and the day will start off more productively.


Go on a Nature Walk (or Any Exercise)

Getting out and being active boosts your mood and energy levels. You're less prone to being lethargic if you've exercised, even lightly, because your body and brain have been stimulated and refreshed. Take the time to be active and you'll avoid laziness and brain fog!


Plan Your Activities for the Day in Advance (Including when Free Time Arises)

Prevent boredom from arising by planning activities for your day off in advance. Decide what you want to do and who you want to do it with and then plan your day accordingly. Do something that energizes you and isn't draining. It's also a great idea to have back-up activities, like window shopping or getting your nails done- just in case plans change and you're stuck with nothing to do.


Invite Friends over & Cook Together

It's harder to just lounge on the couch when you have company over. A fun way to connect that's also low key is to have close friends over to cook, chat and enjoy life with. Pick a meal you've never made before and share the kitchen with loved ones!


Start a Project

Perhaps you just want to stay in and enjoy your home on your day off. That doesn't mean you must sit around all day. Start that project you've been putting off for too long and before you know it, you'll feel productive and happy that you accomplished something while still spending time at home.

There is a huge difference between laziness and just relaxing and enjoying some free time to yourself. Being lazy is really never a good thing, so hopefully these few tips will help you stay more productive during your days off! Would you care to share any more useful tips?

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this is just what I'm looking for - I work concentrated hours then get nine days off - I waste them by sleeping and procrastinating because I have a long stretch of time then by day eight realise I've done nothing , get annoyed then it's back to work - fours years now and I'm still wasting time :( So, I got an increase in hours on a better rota and am taking these tips to use on my two/ three days off !

very useful...

Yeah I agree with some of the comments, I love just cooling it some days. Other times I get carried away & end up wasting all that time I could've spent doing something productive 😫😪

i think you should do whatever makes u happy..even if its staying in bed all day cause work is really hard ...

in this crazy hectic life most people lead it's actually to take a 'rest take it easy day aka lazy day'. we don't always have to be on fast forward. so women it's ok to Chillax once in a while.

very useful...

Well sometimes maybe you just don't wanna do anything ! you can rise early and go for a walk come back and watch movies and shows through the whole day and it can be very relaxing !!! I won't call that laziness ! it's just a matter of preference of what works for you ! Guess it's different for everyone !

should have read this early this morning instead after I just slept the whole afternoon off!

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