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Foolproof Ways to Kill Your Drama Queen Tendencies ...

By Alicia

It’s terrible to face. You’ve realized that you’ve got a lot of drama queen in you. What do you do? Thankfully, there’s quite a bit you can do to get rid of your drama queen tendencies so that they won’t come back.

1 Get Honest with Yourself

singing, art, entertainment, wrestler, performing arts, Step one is getting real with yourself. Admitting that yes, you’re a drama queen. Look back and acknowledge situations that brought the drama queen out in you. This is honestly the most painful part of this process. Once you admit it to yourself, then you can begin overcoming it.

2 Do Some Introspection

hair, hairstyle, singing, singer, album cover, Anytime we see something in ourselves that we don’t like it’s important to do some introspection. Look inside yourself to uncover why you act certain ways. In the case of drama queen tendencies, you might want to ask yourself what you’re hoping to accomplish. Figuring out what your triggers are and if you’re looking for attention are good steps, too. Knowing those triggers can help you to be on guard when they happen again.

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3 Decide to Work on Yourself

person, film noir, profession, film, SELF, If you want to continue to grow as a person then you have to keep working on yourself. Being alert to what you could improve and taking steps to do that are sure signs of maturity. Immaturity may embrace drama queen tendencies, but maturity will go on to overcome them. You have to make the decision that you’re going to change before you can accomplish that. If you’ve got your mind made up then nothing will stop you.

4 Find Some Role Models

person, music, entertainment, film, It's, Finding role models can be very helpful when you’re trying to overcome anything. Choose someone you admire and who handles situations gracefully when they could easily turn into a drama queen. Watch them in those situations and how they choose otherwise. You may even want to talk to them and ask them their secrets. They’ll probably be flattered you asked and happy to share with you.

5 Think before You Act

hair, costume, headgear, know, impulsive, A lot of drama queen tendencies can be nipped in the bud by thinking before you act. Much of the behavior a drama queen has is reacting to her feelings without considering how they’ll appear to others. Ask yourself if your behavior is mature and considerate. If you’d think that behavior was bad in someone else then check it in yourself. This can give you a great perspective.

6 Give when You Feel like Getting

person, emotion, gentleman, film noir, You, Many drama queens struggle with looking outside themselves. Giving when you feel like getting can be a very helpful tactic. It’s the first step to becoming a selfless individual. And it can be addictive! You’ll grow to love how wonderful you feel to put others first. When you start thinking of others before yourself, it can be life changing.

7 Practice Patience with Other Drama Queens

person, facial expression, blond, profession, official, As you mature past a lot of your drama queen tendencies, you’re going to have an unexpected reaction. You’ll probably find that you have a low tolerance for those traits in others. You’ll feel that you've overcome them and they should too. While that’s a valid point, people mature at their own rates in their life journey. Until they reach that point all you can do is be patient and set a good example.

These are 7 ways you can overcome drama queen tendencies for good. What’re your thoughts? Do you have advice you’d like to add?

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