7 Ways to Find Your Talents and Passions in Life ...

Have you ever asked yourself what you're really doing with your life and wondering about the ways to find your talents and passions? I go through phases where I question everything and wonder what I'm good at or how I'm making an impact on the world (even if it's small!). Here are some great ways to find your talents and passions in life that are simple yet profound. Keep reading!

1. Don't Focus on Pleasing Others

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One of the biggest ways to find your talents and passions in life is to stop focusing on pleasing others and what they say you should or should not do with your life. Your life should be fulfilling to YOU, so the first step in discovering who you are and what you love is to listen to your heart. I know it sounds cheesy but it's true! Don't be afraid to take risks and above all, do not listen to negativity and discouragement from others!

2. Be Open to Multiple Passions

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Don't feel like you have to stick to one passion or talent if you're interested in multiple things. In fact, having more than one passion in life makes you a more diverse person! Maybe you're good at sewing and writing and are passionate about seeing those talents used towards something good. Whatever you love, be knowledgeable about it and use it to fulfill your life and the lives of others as well.

3. Make a List of What Resonates Deep with You

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Are there certain issues, whether political, social, religious or economical (or just about anything else!) that really resonate with you? Make a list of what gets your gears turning and explore them. I love the concept of being knowledgeable about one or two areas instead of being a "jack of all trades," so to speak, because it really allows you to focus on areas that you love instead of just like.

4. Listen to What Others Say You're Good at

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Sometimes the people in your life have more insight into your talents than you may have or realize! That's how I discovered my love for writing- people told me they enjoyed what I wrote and that I should start a blog. I found AWS as an outlet and have been loving it ever since! Listen to others and what they perceive of you and your talents. Don't do things in order to please people, but do listen when they say you're really good at something and explore how to further develop those talents if you desire to.

5. What Did You Love or Aspire to Be as a Child?

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Looking back into your childhood, was there something you aspired to be or just truly loved? I remember loving science at an early age and I wanted to be an astronomer. Although I wouldn't choose anything close to that profession today, it still sheds some light on what I love in life. I love science and health and that affinity started at an early age. It's a good idea to ask yourself what you loved growing up because often times, as children, we don't have any fears or inhibitions about life, so our passions are pure!

6. Make a List of Whose Lives You Admire

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Another good idea is to make a list of those individuals whose lives you admire. They don't have to be famous but they do have to be inspiring to you in such a way that they make you want to emulate your life after theirs. This is a great way to gauge what you're passionate about because it will probably be very similar to the passions of those you admire.

7. Ask Yourself What You Would do if There Were No Limitations

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If there was absolutely nothing standing in the way of your passions, talents and dreams in life, what would you do? If you had literally no limitations on what you could accomplish, what would you choose to do with your life? These are wonderful questions to ask yourself because they reveal your true heart and desires. It's good to know what you would do if you had no limitations, even if in reality you couldn't fully reach your goals. Sometimes what's standing in your way isn't that big after all. Don't be crippled by fear or failure and miss out on something amazing!

I hope this list will help you discover what your true passions and talents are! It's always more rewarding to do something that you feel passionate about. What have you discovered to be your own personal talents and passions? How are you using them currently, or are you using them at all? If you haven't yet discovered what you love, what other steps will you take to discover more about yourself?

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