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The benefits of positive thinking impact your life, your health and your general wellbeing. “Think positive” isn’t just a throwaway, bandied about willy-nilly in advice on all sorts of topics. It has a very genuine status as relevant and truthful as a psychological tenet. The benefits of positive thinking extend into many areas of your life and positive thinking is an essential in achieving success and happiness.

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Good for Relationships

Looking to meet that special someone? Did you know that one of the benefits of positive thinking is that it can help you have better luck in love? Apparently, according to an article by Charles S. Carver and Michael F. Scheier, people who think positively have more chance of finding their other half. In the article, the psychologists point out many reasons for this. One is that people like people who are positive. Quite right too; I mean who’d want to spend time with someone who is always moping about and pushing all their negativity onto others? According to the article, positive thinkers tend to work harder at relationships too and are therefore more successful at them.


Reduce Stress

Stress at an all-time high? One of the benefits of positive thinking is that it actually helps to lower stress levels. In a study of college students, researchers found that they were able to cope much better with exams when they thought positively. Researchers found in a study on survivors of missile attacks that pessimists felt anxiety and depression when under stress. Become a glass half full kind of person and you’ll soon feel a relief from the stress you are under and you will be able to avoid sinking into depression.


Age Gracefully

Just like a fine wine or George Clooney, positive thinkers get better with age. A study conducted by the University College London discovered that positive thinking is linked with aging gracefully. So reduce your stress, frown less and you’ll age well!


Increases Your Tolerance to Pain

If you are looking to find a cure for the pain you feel when you stub your toe, then positive thinking may well be it. According to a study, people who are optimistic tend to be able to take pain much better than pessimists. So fight back against broken bones, sore throats, and aches and pains with an optimistic outlook on life.


Lower Your Blood Pressure

If you’ve got high blood pressure then you might want to reconsider your outlook on life and work towards becoming a positive thinker. Word on the street is that one of the benefits of positive thinking is that it can work towards lowering your blood pressure. It is said that pessimists have higher blood pressure than that of an optimist. Probably because pessimists have stress levels off the scale, which leads to high blood pressure. Of course you might need to exercise, lose weight and eat healthier, but thinking positively will contribute to lowering your blood pressure for sure.


Keep Your Heart Pumping Happily

Keep your heart healthy with a dose of optimism. According to a study, people who have an optimistic outlook on life tend to have healthier hearts and a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Along with the heart, optimism is also good for the head. Negative emotions can narrow the mind and leave you feeling miserable. Think of the good things in life and you’ll keep your head and your heart ticking along nicely.


Take Better Care of Yourself

Apparently if you are an optimistic person then you will keep your body in much better shape. Bit of a shock really; I always thought that people who look on the bright side would just expect good things to happen and take fewer precautions. Not the case. The aforementioned study by Carver and Scheier writes that positive thinkers will keep their bodies healthy by eating well, exercising and taking vitamins. One of the great benefits of positive thinking is that just by changing how you think, you’ll be able to take better care of yourself and be healthier as a result.

Are you a Daisy Downer or a Positive Pamela? Have the benefits of positive thinking convinced Daisy to turn her frown upside down and to smile more and look on the bright side? How’s your glass today? Hall-full or half-empty?

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