7 Ways to Enhance Your Life That Don't Involve Money or Men ...


7 Ways to Enhance Your Life That Don't Involve Money or Men ...
7 Ways to Enhance Your Life That Don't Involve Money or Men ...

Sometimes in life, we need a little motivation to get us going, such as these ways to enhance your life. Money and men are two things many women think will make them happier, but I promise, unless you’re in a good place with life and yourself, you won’t be near as happy as you could be. Money and men won’t necessarily change your life. What will change your life are embracing ways to enhance your life that better you as a person and that make you happier. Follow these 7 tips and be sure to share any of yours with me!

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Find Your Passion

One of the best ways to enhance your life is to find out what your passion is as soon as possible. The word passion is overused so much, and many people hear it and don’t even pay it any attention anymore because the term passion is thrown around everywhere. This being said, I understand me telling you is no different, but it really is so important to find what you love to do. I don’t care how silly it seems to you; if you enjoy it and it fulfills your soul, it's great! When you find your passion, or what makes you happy and feel truly fulfilled, you’ll know it. You’ll also be a happier person and others will even find you more pleasant to be around. My passion is writing, learning, and expressing myself through communication. This are the best things in the world to me, and have changed my life. Your passion can do the same for you.


Turn Your Passion into a Career

Even better, take what you love, and learn to make money with it! You don’t have to just give your passion time when you get around to it, or see it as a hobby. Find time by creating a work avenue using your passion. You know what you love and if you don’t, try to find out as soon as possible. There is nothing better than being able to support your lifestyle by doing what you love, or at least trying to do so. If you can find a way to get into a career that contains your passion – do it!


Spend More Time with Your Loved Ones

It can be so easy for me, and most other people I know, to get caught up in my own busy agenda, that sometimes I forget it is nice to stop and sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee with my mom. Or, sometimes, it can be great to stop what you’re doing and just sit down and talk to your family. Get together with them more. If they live far away, make regular phone dates or visits when you can. Once they are gone, you’ll wish you’d had, and trust me, there’s nothing like the memory of a good laugh with your family!


Reconcile Relationships with Your Family

If you’re on a rocky road with your family, now is the time to change that! Enhancing your life is about fulfilling your soul, and your soul won’t be happy until it is at peace. It sounds hokey, but trust me, when you truly know inside that you’re in a good place with your family, you have a certain peace that is irreplaceable. I spent many years at odds with my Dad before I made up with him. Even though it wasn’t my fault, I’m so grateful now that I did. I lost my Dad two years ago in a car accident, and don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t had those last few years with him after our reconciliation. Trust me, no matter whose fault it is, try to make amends with your family. You’ll be so glad you did!


Listen to More Lighthearted Music

Sometimes if I’m stressed or just in a real down mood, I turn on some music to lighten myself up! I always take myself too seriously, but you know what? Life is short and sometimes, it’s great to just turn on whatever music makes you feel good and forget about things for awhile. Get up and dance if you want, take a walk, go for a run to it, or just clean your house with it on! I even love listening to it while I work, and many times, certain forms of music can inspire other great ideas I might not have had else-wise! Music is one of life’s small pleasures some of us don’t take advantage of enough, so embrace it and turn it up!


Get out and Move Already

My life changed for the better the day I started exercising regularly. Before I was depressed, low on energy, had no motivation for anything, and I was unhealthy. All of that is different now, and it all started with a simple walking plan. I started getting up and moving about 40 minutes a day, with nothing but walking and it not only cured my depression, along with a healthy diet, but also kept me fit. Get out and move already, hun! You were given legs to use them and life is so much better when we use our bodies to serve us well! Move them, and better yet, use them to help other people!


Try Yoga

Lastly, one of my favorite ways to enhance your life is to try yoga. Try a beginner style, and even look up a couple kinds on YouTube to see which one fits for you. Yes, it takes patience, and that’s the point. Yoga teaches you things. It changes you. It betters you. Oh, and trust, me, you always feel better and look better after you do it! Make it a regular practice and you’ll feel like a new person in no time.

Money and men can change for your life for sure, but they aren’t the only ways to make your life better. Sometimes, they can even make things worse if they go the wrong way! Plus, learning to love yourself and enhance your own life is far better than anything else ever could be. Do you have a healthy tip for enhancing your life?

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You are a terrific writer love all ur articles

Love the title of this and the tips here are phenomenal. Thank you! Can you maybe write about how to find your passion and the courage to peruse it?

Awsome article !

So well written trying to do just tht in my current phase of life...hope I can achieve as much

Ok, my magic advice will be traveling abroad to other countries. You will look absolutely different at things after that. And agreed to the points listed above.

this is a very inspiring article .

My advice is to do little (or big) things that will have a positive influence on other people's lives, e.g. charity or donating money or blood etc. Or even the little things like offering someone help with carrying their bags or to open the door for someone else. It has a positive effects on both parties. :)

I love all your articles ... You'r talented & inspiring :)

Best one yet!!! Thank you Heather :)

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