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Awesome Inspiration on How to Build Your Mental Resilience for Girls Feeling Weak ...

By Clarrie

Mental resilience is something that every person in the world needs, but sadly something that not every person is blessed with or knows how to develop. So, how to build up mental resilience? Keep reading.

Whether you are going through a bad break up, experiencing some challenging times at your job, struggling to cope with some recent bad news or even just stressed about life in a more general sense, mental resilience is that thing that can help to put it all in perspective for you and allow you to see a light at the end of the tunnel. If you are somebody who can identify with the things I’ve listed, and are seeking to improve your own mental resilience, then read through these three great tips for how to build up mental resilience.

1 Surround Yourself with People You Can Connect to

It is absolutely true that people feel stronger and more empowered when they have a great support group. Build up your mental resilience by building a circle of connections that have really positive meaning for you. This can be people from your family, your wider social group, volunteering groups, spiritual groups, even self-help support groups if you feel that one might be good for you. The more time you spend with these people that want nothing more than to build you up and make you happy, the more you will start to believe it and the more mentally resilient you will become. How's that for a great answer to how to build up mental resilience?

2 Seek the Silver Linings

Unfortunately, nobody can ever fully eradicate or stop negative things from happening and affecting them. However, you can try to have an impact on the way that you process these events, because no matter how bleak or upsetting something might seem, there will always be a silver lining to try to pick out of the situation. You might have to work on changing your perspective, or you might even need help from one of your positive connections, but when you do find that silver lining, it can give you a whole new outlook on something that was once beating you down. It can turn a negative into a positive, one thought at a time.


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3 Be Thankful

Even when life is giving us a rough ride, the truth is that there are always at least a few things to be thankful for, so try to lend your focus to those few good things rather than dwelling on the bad until your resilience is at an all-time low. By focusing on the things that you can still be thankful for, even in your times of sadness, you can create a light for yourself at the end of the tunnel that can be something to work toward. Working toward that light will do wonders for your mental resilience, as it gives you a goal and the things that you are thankful for can act as your motivation to get to the end of that tunnel.

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