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In this day and age, it's important to discuss 7 ways to deal with sexist remarks. It isn’t the most fun thing in the world to think about, but it is important to know how to deal with what you’re up against. No matter the situation, these tips should help you handle with them, including the frenemy who makes snide remarks about your cleaning skills, or your boss, who sees you as the company trophy. Here are 7 ways to deal with sexist remarks.

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Ignore Them

There are always going to be people who blurt out sexist remarks and think that they are funny or amusing. What these people are usually looking for is a response out of you. Don’t give them that satisfaction! Most likely they are seeking attention or have limited social skills. One of the best ways to deal with sexist remarks is to ignore them!


Reverse Roles

Sexism can come from a lack of sensitivity and respect for the opposite gender. If someone makes a remark that is offensive, turn the tables around on him or her! For instance, if it’s a male that makes a crude comment about your outfit or body, respond the same way! The role reversal puts that same attention towards his body and takes away any power he thinks he might have over you!


Alert Upper Management

In some cases, sexist remarks can be made in the workplace. It can be difficult to deal with a co-worker if you feel intimidated by the person, or are afraid to voice your feelings. It is important, however, to tell your supervisor or someone who has authority in your workplace about your current situation. This assures that the person making the remarks is reprimanded for such (rude!) behavior and that it doesn’t happen again. This is one of the best ways to deal with sexist remarks when it comes to the workplace.


Confront Them

Sometimes it all boils down to confrontation. Not the how-dare-you-say-that kind, but the kind of confrontation that sets boundaries for the relationship and educates the misinformed. Tell the person that they are being sexist, and they might just take a second look at what they’ve been saying, and how it has affected others. Not only will it change the dynamic of the relationship, there'll be tons of respect between you in the future! It’s one of my best ways to deal with sexist remarks!


Don’t Feed into It

People have the tendency to base their humor around what is happening in popular culture. If commercials that have been made in recent years show that some type of sexism is acceptable, a person might adapt that humor into their lifestyle. So if someone makes a sexist joke about something women are "supposed to do," like say, making a sandwich for her significant other, don’t laugh! Laughing will only encourage them. Instead, give them a look that signals that they are being offensive, and they might take the hint!


Express Yourself

I know it can be hard to try to stand up for yourself when you feel like you can’t change anything. But dismiss that voice in your head that tells you that you can’t do something! Don’t suppress how you feel about what someone said to save face. Express yourself, and be heard. It’s one of the great ways to deal with sexist remarks and an enlightening experience when you actually do it!


Be the Best You

The only way you can sell yourself is if you believe in yourself! If you value your self-worth, and are aware of the intelligent, hard-working person, (insert adjective that describes you) that you are, then you won’t let anyone make disrespectful comments towards you. If you know what you have to offer, so will everyone else.

Hopefully, you can use these tips to your advantage. I know that some of these have helped me a bunch in different situations. These ways to deal with sexist remarks are but a few among many ways to deal with the uneasiness of the matter. How have you dealt with any sexist remarks lately?

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I have to say that things like "women make sandwiches" or whatever is just a joke. What about how men are "supposed" to fix our cars? Women can be sexist, too. Saying, "boys are stupid," or, "ugh, he's a guy. He'll never remember that," or, "all guys want is sex," which are all very common things said by women, are very sexist. I'm not saying anything you listed is rut, because it's not. I'm just saying that sexism doesn't only exist among men.

I know women can be sexist towards men, but i find that even though im 17 i've still experienced many sexist remarks and sexual harassment (calling out of car windows- some guy yelling 'hooker' at me for wearing a mini skirt the other day) than most guys i know. And it's everywhere too- my fb newsfeed for example is constantly filled with 'joke' images of women in the kitchen, about 'making sandwiches' and the like. i visit a page dedicated to staying fit, and some comments on women's figures are constantly along the lines of "now she's wife material...if only she were on her back/ in the kitchen/ brought me beer.' anyway, im going on a bit, but i think this article was really important. lots of my friends dont think feminism really matters anymore or that sexism still exists.

Right* not rut

The other day a guy friend of mine had to go to the hospital because he worked out too strenuously (not sure the details, something w joints) and I sad "maybe you'll need to switch to yoga", and he said "haha, no way that's a girl workout" and I told him that was a sexist comment And he said " no, I just think it's boring" ( so women are weak AND boring???) then I went on to explain how body weight is heavier than weights and the physics of apparent weight meaning if I use my 115 pound body weight it's not like lifting 115 pounds because force makes it heavier, And he just goes "whatever, I'm done with this conversation". Made me so mad!

How about: don't let it get to you. Just because someone is ignorant doesn't mean it is your responsibility to fix them.

Very good atricle, but I agree with sexist/offensive remarks can go both ways and sometimes can be women to women for chices we make for ourselves and families and here I thought been feminist was about an empower woman who can in all freedom make her own choices. And sometimes it all depends from whom the comment is coming.

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