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8 Ways to Come out to Your Friends ...

By Heather

When you are trying to find the very best ways to come out to your friends, it can be difficult, especially if you aren't completely sure how to do it. Coming out is never easy, especially learning all of the ways to come out to your friends, but it can be done. Remember, if your friends are good friends, they won't care – or they already suspect that you are gay. So, let's take a look at some of the best ways to really come out to your friends when you are comfortable.

1 Start with Close Friends

You don't want to immediately start with any and everyone you've ever come in contact with. Instead, make sure that you start with your very close friends and just go from there. Your best friend should be the very first one that you come out to, after all, you probably already tell them everything, right? This is one of the top ways to come out to your friends – start with the close ones.

2 Feel Comfortable

You should never feel super uncomfortable when you are coming out to your friends. You are doing this because you want to be honest with them and true to yourself. It should be something that feels comfortable and right. So don't let anyone push you into coming out or outing you before you are comfortable.

3 Don't Beat around the Bush

While it might be nerve-wrecking to come out to your friends, don't beat around the bush and start talking about the weather or start talking about anything other than you coming out. Remember, you are there to talk to your friends about your sexual preference, so concentrate on that.

4 Do It One-on-One

You don't want to necessarily have a ton of questions from a ton of different people flying at you as soon as you come out, so doing it one-on-one is going to be the best option. Just pick the first friend, then the second, third and so on. Doing it one-on-one is going to really make sure that you feel comfortable too.

5 Think about How You Will Tell Them

Before you come right out and tell them, you want to think about exactly how you want to tell them. With all of the different ways you can do it, you want to make sure that you have a speech prepared – or a method. I just blurted it out to my friends, but you want something a little better.

6 Be Prepared for Questions

Your friends might have questions about you coming out, if you've been with anyone, if you have a crush on anyone – you've got to be prepared for that! You can't just think that you'll come out and they won't respond. Remember though, they are only asking because they are your friends.

7 Decide How You Want to Come out

This all comes back to how you will tell them – how do you want to come out? Via a cake (like so many of the popular ways nowadays), thought a note, through talking to them, through a text? There are tons of ways to come out to your friends, but you've got to figure out the way you want.

8 Do It when You Are Ready

Finally, I can't stress it enough, make sure that you do it when you are ready and when you are comfortable. This can't be something that is rushed and that you are pushed into. Trust me, that isn't the best way to come out at all!

While coming out is never, ever easy, there are ways that you can come out to your friends that make sense to you and that can make you feel comfortable! So, what other ways have you thought of?

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