7 Ways to Become Your Own Best Friend ...


Being by yourself can actually be a lot of fun! Guest contributor Martina Davitkova tells you how exactly you can become your own best friend.

Are you relying on others to cure your loneliness? Are you searching for that special someone to take away the moments of solitude? Well, then it is time to start loving yourself more and get comfortable in your own skin. Becoming your own best friend is the ultimate cure for loneliness! Here's how you can do just that.

1. Have a Conversation with Yourself

Take some time each day to contemplate over your life situation. Are you where you want to be or do you feel stuck in the same old dull routine? Start a conversation with yourself out loud or in your mind. Ask yourself questions like «Am I doing my everything to make myself happy? Am I content with who I am and/or the situation I’m in?» The number one rule to become your own best friend is to be honest with yourself and trust your own answers instead of depending on others opinions on what you should or shouldn't do.

Listen to Your Body
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