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If you are trying to be more successful and accomplish all your dreams, then you should keep in mind the next steps to positive self talk that I will describe in this little article. We are used to talking to ourselves all day long, yet we are not paying enough attention to what we are actually telling ourselves and unfortunately, our self talk is sometimes mostly negative. This bad habit can really affect our happiness, so it’s pretty essential to learn how to overcome this thinking pattern in order to change the actions we take. Get rid of all your negativity by considering the next few steps to positive self talk that will surely make a difference in the way you see things:

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Observe Your Self Talk

The first of the steps to positive self talk you’ll need to take is to observe your own thoughts just as if you're watching some scenes from your favorite movie. Become an observer of your own thoughts and try to be as objective as possible. This way, you will be able to assess better their validity and you’ll also notice what are the events or people who trigger and maintain your negative monologue.


Focus on Repeating Positive Statements

Once you’ve observed your thoughts and you realized you need to turn your internal chatter into a more positive one, you should start making positive affirmations which will replace those negative ones. Focus on repeating them over and over again, so they will become a part of your subconscious mind. A trick I will give you in order to assimilate those positive statements much quickly is to tell you to read or say them out loud with feeling, because this way, they will seem true and you will really come to believe what you are saying.


Keep a Journal

Buy a journal and write down all the things that come to your mind, especially the negative ones and once you’ll put them on paper; you will see that most of them are actually ridiculous and obviously false. Journaling is a very efficient therapeutic tool which is recommended by most experts. You could also write down all the things that make you happy every day, so you’ll always be reminded of how lucky you are and how many things you have to be grateful for.


Use a Rubber Band

Another very useful trick on how to learn the steps to positive self talk is wearing a rubber band around your wrist and once you’ve noticed the appearance of those negative thoughts that ruin your mood, gently pull the band away from your wrist and let it snap back. This will hurt a little bit but it’s a powerful reminder of how damaging are those negative thoughts to your happiness, so it will encourage you to turn them into more positive ones, limiting this way your negative self talk.


Use Present Tenses

Anxiety is usually caused by the things that you fear will happen in your future and in order to get rid of it, you’ll need to concentrate on your present and focus on the things that happen to you right now. Don’t let those negative thoughts haunt you! Use present tenses more often and think about different ways to build a better future without being overwhelmed by unfounded fears and worries. Change your self talk into a more positive one by focusing more on your present which is more manageable than by being afraid of something you don’t know yet.


Focus on the Beautiful Things in Life

Try to focus as much as you can on the beautiful things in life, on the enjoyable aspects that make life worth living instead of dwelling on your past or being haunted by all your worries and fears. You will have to face challenges, yet you should confront them with a positive attitude. Life consists of ups and down so, focus on the beautiful images and thoughts instead of being overwhelmed by all the unpleasant and difficult ones. Fill your mind with positive things and be grateful for everything you have and you self talk will align with your positive beliefs.


Be Persistent!

If your goal is to learn how to think in a more positive way, be persistent and you will reach your objective. Positive self talk needs a little practice, so don’t get discouraged if you haven’t made it a part of your life in a couple of days. Be patient because turning your self talk into a more positive one won’t happen overnight. It’s a process that requires a lot of effort on your behalf, so continue to remind yourself that and never give up on reaching your goals!

Self-limiting thoughts can be extremely harmful and in the long term, they can really affect your happiness. Do you know any other steps a person should take to develop a more positive self talk? What other advice do you have for us? We all would like to learn from your experience so, please share it with us in the comments section!


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This is absolutely beautiful. Love!

Just what I needed .

I like too :)

Thank you for sharing these tips.

Like it ! Im gonna try this tips

I'd like to point out that number four is actually a form of self abuse. I know you didn't realize or see it as such since it is a very uncommon form. It's not alright to do such things to one's self, I hoe that's known.

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