9 Ways to Be Less of a Grinch and Embrace the Festive Cheer This Year ...


If you're a little Bah Humbug when it comes to Christmas then there are some ways to inject a little festive cheer into your personality and these ways to be less of a Grinch may help. Christmas can be a little exhausting and it can bring out the worst in many of us. However, you can fake a little festive cheer and fool yourself into enjoying the festivities. So here are some ways to be less of a Grinch this year.

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Fabulous Families

Family can be fun but during the Christmas period, we're often forced to spend time with people we don't see for most of the year and there may be family tension. Many families implode during the Christmas period because of the pressures. Cue the awkward hugs and hair ruffling, not to mention the questions about whether you're still single and when you're going to tie the knot or have a baby. Eye roll alert. Just think about the fact that it's only for a few days. Smile through the questions and breathe deeply. They're family, after all. This is just one of the ways to be less of a Grinch this Christmas.


Embrace the Chaos

The shops are full and the traffic becomes increasingly intolerable in the days leading up to Christmas as people are desperate to get home. Again, enjoy the chaos and think about the fact that it's only for a few days. If you find yourself getting increasingly agitated, then breathe deeply and you will find those negative feelings quickly dissipate. If you have to shop, try to do it in the morning as the shops open. There may be less people around at this time.


Weather the Storm

So, the weather outside is frightful but instead of moaning about it, maybe try to enjoy the cold and go for a brisk walk. Moaning and groaning is not going to change the weather, so think of it as a time when you can don your favorite winter wear and look fabulous. If you can't bear to head out into the cold, see it as the perfect opportunity for sofa snuggling with your beau.


Crazy Queues

The shops are full of people trying to bag a bargain and the queues are crazy at this time of year. Remember, no one loves queueing so see it as an opportunity to have a chat with your fellow queuers. Have a moan and a groan together and share the hatred. You never know who you're going to meet in a queue! And if you can't face the queues, get online and avoid them altogether.


Love the Rest

Many people hate the idea of a rest during the festive period and unfortunately, we seem to be so wedded to work that the idea of putting our cellphones down for a day can induce feelings of terror. Learn to love the rest and recuperation that comes with a couple of days where most businesses and shops close for the festive period. We all need a break.


Christmas Music

The world seems to be divided into two camps: those who love Christmas music and those who would rather remove their ears than listen to these jovial jingles. Learn to love the Christmas music and have a singalong. Remember, it's only for a couple of weeks.


Fabulous Food

Most of us have a penchant for festive overindulgence but the problem is, our skin, tummies and minds often suffer the consequences. However, there are some people who dread the Christmas period as they associate it with a time when family members insist they must eat everything in sight. Overindulging can make you feel a little lackluster. Whilst you can enjoy the delicious dishes during the festive period, try to hold back and listen to your body rather than pushy family members. Don't be afraid to say "no thanks, I'm full."


Wear a Christmas Jumper

Who doesn't love a Christmas jumper? Reindeer antlers, anyone? Novelty earrings? Now is the time to look a little silly and inject a little fun into your Christmas day attire. It will make you smile.


Get Involved

Whether it's carol singing or helping to make the Christmas dinner, getting involved and helping out will make you feel a lot less like a Grinch. It's better than sitting and scowling on the sofa, wishing the hours would pass and that Aunty May would stop asking those annoying questions!

These are a few of the ways to embrace the festivities. Can you think of any other ways to be less of a Grinch this Christmas?

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