7 Ways to Add Excitement to Your Life ...

Holly Riordan

7 Ways to Add Excitement to Your Life ...

When your days are dull, don't fret, because there are ways to add excitement to your life. You don’t want to accept your boredom and believe that things will never change. You have to create your own ways to love life, so that you enjoy waking up every morning. If you’re in the need for a fresh start, here are some ways to add excitement to your life.

1 Redecorate Room

When you stare at the same walls every time you open your eyes in the morning, the start to your day is already boring. Try spicing up your life by spicing up your room. Paint the walls, add new posters, and invest in new furniture. It’s amazing how a change of scenery can affect a person. One of the simplest ways to add excitement to your life is by fixing up your living space.

2 Shopping Spree

When you’re finished giving your room a make over, give yourself a make over! Buy new clothes, and look up makeup tutorials online that you can try. Don’t be afraid to be bold and take chances! Your confidence will be boosted after a little tinkering with your look. Once you feel better about yourself, you’ll be ready to go out and embrace the world.

3 Tons of Tickets

Once in a while, it's okay to splurge on something that's worth buying. Purchase tickets to that concert you’ve been dying to go see. If you’re into sports, get seats for a football game. If you’re into musicals, take a trip to Broadway. If you have enough money, buy the best ticket of all: a plane or train ride to a foreign location. Whatever you choose, it’ll give a burst of excitement to your life.

4 Fresh Food

Food you’ve never tried before can add (literal) spice to your life. Try out the restaurant down the street that you’ve never been adventurous enough to visit. If you’re a chef in the making, you can try cooking a new meal. Purchase a few cookbooks, or simply search the web for unique recipes. If you make enough meals, you’ll eventually find something you love.

5 Be Brave

Do you crave adventure? Do you adore adrenaline? If you’re extremely brave, you can go skydiving or bungee jumping. The experience is incredible, and can make you view the world in a brand new way. As long as you find a reputable location, you’ll be safe.

6 Do Something

When life feels boring, you could benefit from doing something that you normally wouldn’t do. If you always turn down invitations to go to the movie theater, do something differently for a change and go. You never know what you’re missing when you turn down opportunities. Don’t stay in the house all day. Go out, and enjoy life!

7 Always Associate

Don’t keep to yourself. Call up your friends and ask them about their day. Get a penpal from across the globe and read their letters. Speaking to others is more exciting than you’d think. Learning about other people and cultures isn't only entertaining, it's also a growing experience.

Life can be boring, but it doesn’t have to remain that way. With a little effort, you can make a bland day into an exciting one. What’s the most thrilling thing you’ve ever done?