7 Ways to Pick Yourself up when You Are down ...

As I look back at the years when I was younger and felt down, I wish I knew what I know now about the ways to pick yourself up when you are down. There are many occasions, especially as your body changes, when you are unsure, uncertain and unaware. Growing up is about finding yourself in the process. Now, as an adult, I do not sweat the small stuff and dwell or have regrets. As long as you do your best, stay positive and put 100% into everything you do, you will feel content. So turn that frown upside down with my ways to pick yourself up:

1. Realize It is Never That Bad

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So you are up 5 pounds on the scale and your clothes are all too snug. Stop stressing and get moving by exercising and making healthier food choices. You can make positive changes in your life to live the life you deserve, so just do it! And stop feeling sorry for yourself, because things could be much worse. Tthis is one of the major ways to pick yourself up when you are down!

2. Positive Affirmations

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Embody positive affirmations, like β€œI deserve this” or β€œI can do anything,” as part of your daily repertoire. If you make positivity part of your life, you will find yourself with more energy. You will also believe in yourself if you eat, breathe and sleep with as positive an attitude as you can have.

3. Get out of Bed

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Lying in bed in the middle of the day and feeling sorry for yourself? Get up and get outside for a run, walk or bike ride. You will feel better from the fresh air and exercise, and boost your mood. This is a major way to pick yourself up when you are down.

4. Make Sure You Avoid Negativity

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If you are around negative people that like to complain and watching negative, violent shows, it is no wonder negativity is spilling into your own life. Avoid negativity and try to hang out with positive and confident people. Didn’t you ever hear that birds of a feather flock together? It is true, so meet happy and healthy friends!

5. Try Not to Complain

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Have you ever noticed that after you share a story about a fight with a family member or friend, all of a sudden you are in a bad mood? Just talking about the incident invokes emotions of anger or being upset. Stop talking about it and write that person a letter. You can get your emotions out calmly this way and boost your mood. Everyone appreciates when people are direct and honest, and this will help you come to a resolution.

6. Make Sure You Get Your Workout in

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Of course, as a trainer I have to mention exercise because it will help release happy chemicals in your brain and better your health. Exercise is a major mood booster and I find this is what makes me the happy person that I am every day. There is a major difference in my mood on the occasional day I do not exercise and take a rest day, so exercise is paramount in elevating your mood.

7. Eat Healthy

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If you eat small healthy meals throughout the day, you will stabilize your blood sugar level, have more energy and find you are in a much better mood. Eating your fruits and vegetables is an easy way to pick yourself up because you will be feeling down less frequently as a result of a clean diet!

I hope my simple tips to help pick you up when you are down will help you feel better about yourself. How often do you feel down and what causes you to feel this way?

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