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I hope a lot of you will find my tips on how to take compliments very useful because (since I always was such a shy person) I did had to learn a couple of techniques to receive compliments when I was a teen. Mark Twain once said that: “I can live for two months on a good compliment." Well, I definitely can agree with that. I know that for some people these tips may seem useless, but nevertheless, I do believe that everyone could learn a thing or two on how to take compliments in a graceful manner.

1. Thank You

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The best advice I could give you on how to take compliments is to tell you to never forget about these two simple and magical words: “Thank you”. If you’re a bit shy and you get nervous when you receive compliments, a simple, yet sincere thank you is more than enough sometimes. I can’t think of a situation where a simple and truthful thank you won’t work.

2. Smile!

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Another best way to take a compliment and altogether decrease your social anxiety is to try to always smile every time someone compliments you. This simple, non-verbal behavior will say more about you than any words could. So, don’t try to be too serious, just smile and loosen up. Audrey Hepburn once said: “Happy girls are the prettiest.” and this is actually my favorite celebrity quote of all time.

3. Body Language

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I know this may sound a bit cliché, but every time you take a compliment you should pay attention to your body language and by this, I mean your gestures, the tone of your voice or your facial expressions. Make sure to make eye contact, try to seem interested in what the other person is telling you and take a slight forward lean. Also, make sure to avoid crossing your arms because this attitude of yours could be decoded as skepticism.

4. Return a Compliment Later

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I know that every time you receive a compliment, you may feel the urge to be nice and return it right away. This can be the right thing to do sometimes, but you must be careful though, because in certain situations this behavior could be interpreted as being insincere. That’s why, it’s better to return a compliment later. There’s no need to hurry, just find an opportune moment to do it.

5. Give Credit

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When you receive a compliment for something you did with a group of your friends or co-workers, make sure to give them credit for their accomplishments. I’m sure you played a big part in getting that work done extremely well, but think about the other people who helped you and acknowledge their efforts. Make sure to always give credit where credit is due!

6. Don’t Disconfirm It!

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Every time you receive a compliment, try to believe that what the other person is telling you is actually true and don’t disconfirm it by saying things like: “It was nothing.” or “It wasn’t such a big deal”. Try to accept gracefully that compliment by acknowledging your merits or your qualities. Not all people are liars and you really are a wonderful person!

7. Be Sincere

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I know that sometimes you may feel a little bit uncomfortable when you receive a compliment, especially if you are a little shy. There’s no need to worry though. Don’t forget to say thank you, smile and be honest! If you feel a little bit intimidated or nervous, just admit it and move on. You’ll feel more relieved and you’ll be able to focus on your conversation rather than on what you’re saying or how you’re behaving.

After a while and with a bit of practice, you’ll see that it’s actually quite easy to learn how to take a compliment gracefully, without stressing yourself too much. Do you know any other tips on how to take a compliment? Please share your advice in the comments section.

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