7 Ways to Prevent Forgetting a Name ...


7 Ways to Prevent Forgetting a Name ...
7 Ways to Prevent Forgetting a Name ...

If you don’t have a great memory for names and faces or are just forgetful, you might need some ways to prevent forgetting a name. There are times when you are comfortable enough to laugh it off and make a joke of it, but there are other times when it is bum squeakily embarrassing. Some people can get away with a clever conversation style that means not having to address a person by name, but if you want to avoid even having to try, work on these ways to prevent forgetting a name.

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Associate Their Name with Part of Them

For example, if he has a big nose and his name is Terry, then associate him with a pterodactyl. If she is overweight and her name is Betty, then associated her with the name Big Betty. Do not call people these names to their face, but use them as a mental exercise to remember them. Do you have a weak employee called Wally, then think on of him as Wimpy Wally. You can do it all day with everybody you meet, Bald Brian, Randy Andy, Skinny Sally, Sexy Sonia, Lanky Lorna, Tubby Tanya. This is one of the best ways to prevent forgetting a name because it involves cognitive thought and imagination, which helps burn it more thoroughly into your mind. Just NEVER, ever call them this name to their face or to other people. It’s purely a private aide memoir.


Wide Screen in Your Mind

This is an neuro-linguistic programming trick that uses similar tools to the how to never forget a name trick in point number one. Once you have heard the name you put it on a big wide screen in your imagination. If you can see the person, then imagine the name in wide screen above their heads. This mix of imagination and self reinforcing makes it a little harder to forget that person’s name.


Who Does That Person Remind You of?

This is one of the more fun ways to prevent forgetting a name. Think of whom that person looks like who is a celebrity. You will end up remembering their name because it gives you something special to remember about that person, in the same way that you will remember the name of the person who gets drunk at the office party and tries to kiss the ice sculpture.


Use That Person’s Name While You Remember It

Slap yourself on the forehead with the palm of your hand if you have not already thought of this one. It’s how to never forget a name because you use it. If you talk to that person, then address them by name. It helps to keep it in your mind, reinforcing it and making it far easier to recall the name the next time you see them.


Take an Interest in That Person

Your brain is built in order to recognize faces. We do not attach other feelings or facts to that name without some sort of conscious effort. So, why not get to know a little about that person. If you do get to know the person, then there is also a chance that they will make an impression on you and you will remember his or her name because of that.


Think of How Their Name is Spelled

This bit of extra mental gymnastics is what some say is the key to how to never forget a name. It is not the best of tips, but if it works for some then it may work for you too, even if it does seem to make remembering a name a little too clinical. Plus, what do you do if you meet a person named Bob? Or Dee?


Shout It in Your Mind

This is a hypnosis technique that is handy if you do not use it too often. If you are teaching a class or meeting new family members, then this is a great method on how to remember names. When you are told the name, shout it in your mind with your inner voice. Shout it as if you are at a football match, or shouting your kids in off of the street (what parents did before cell phones).

Are you someone who can never remember names? It’s something that some people have more difficulty with than those without such trouble can imagine. Do you think these ways to remember names will help you out?

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In the work my husband and I do we meet about 80 to 100 people every week so I am definitely going to try these tips.

Number one is a bit harsh,...

If its a group of people I will repeat their names 2-3 times while looking at them outloud

A trick I use is to repeat their name as I shake their hand and then it most always sticks with me.

Wow #1 are you serious? I hope people don't really do that while trying to remember MY name

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