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7 Very Good Reasons You Should Learn to Take Constructive Criticism ...

By Alicia

There are a lot of benefits if you can learn to take constructive criticism. Constructive criticism is criticism directed in such a way to help you improve. That is the goal and it can be accomplished if you can learn to take constructive criticism. These are 7 great reasons to work on this.

1 It Shows You Are an Open-minded Individual

If you learn to take constructive criticism, it shows that you are an open-minded individual. People will not feel uneasy around you. They will not worry that you are judging them or that they have to censor what they say to you. People tend to enjoy someone who can be open-minded. This works in your favor on several fronts.

2 People Will Not Avoid You for Being Overly Sensitive

A person that is not open to constructive criticism is usually considered to be overly sensitive. Sometimes it can be difficult to hear things about ourselves that need to be improved upon, but you can really benefit from listening. Just because you listen does not mean that you have to agree with the person or change anything about yourself. Not being willing to listen can brand you as overly sensitive.

3 It Can Help You

Constructive criticism can help you. It gives you the advantage of having someone else’s point of view. They can see you in a way you cannot see yourself. I am always curious as to what others see that I can improve upon. That constructive criticism can be very helpful.

4 It Can Give Your Career a Boost

Constructive criticism can give your career a boost. Most positions come with evaluations from time to time. Listening to what is said at your evaluations can help your career to grow. You can improve your salary or get a different position if you listen to and act upon the constructive criticism you receive at work. The benefits of learning to accept constructive criticism are high in this situation.

5 It Shows Maturity

Learning to accept constructive criticism shows maturity. It shows that you are adult enough to receive a comment from someone that might not be entirely positive. If you cannot do that, it can come across as immaturity. Most constructive criticism is meant to be helpful. Bearing that in mind can make it easier to accept.

6 It is a Trait Others Appreciate

People appreciate a person that can take constructive criticism. It means that they do not have to be so guarded in what they say. They can be true in what they are saying to you. It can help you to actually have a better relationship with others. Being able to accept constructive criticism is a good trait to have.

7 It Promotes Honest and Open Relationships

Because others don’t feel they have to fear you getting angry if they say something that is constructive criticism, they feel free to be honest with you. This can make you closer to people. It applies in many different sorts of relationships from career oriented to personal. I think we all want to have good relationships with the people in our lives. Learning to accept constructive criticism can help you with that.

It can be difficult to learn to accept constructive criticism but it can also be beneficial. Is this something you have struggled with? What other benefits do you see from learning this skill?

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