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7 Extremely Important Anger Management Lessons No One Should Miss ...

By Corina

Because sometimes we can all become a little bit grumpy and we tend to offend the ones around us, here a few important anger management lessons that we shouldn’t miss. When you’re exhausted, stressed out or extremely busy, it can be rather difficult to control your temper and not have an outburst. Even though keeping your cool seems like a real challenge during those times, it’s not impossible to eradicate anger. Anger is a normal and healthy emotion, but if you don’t learn how to control it, it can have pretty serious consequences for your relationships and your well-being, both physical and emotional. Here are a few extremely important anger management lessons everyone should learn if they want to be able to keep their temper from hijacking their life:

1 Admit You’re Angry

One of the most important anger management lessons you should learn is to simply admit when you’re angry. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. We all feel angry sometimes due to all kinds of reasons. Just remember that “[t]he quicker you admit your anger, the quicker you can dissipate frustration by accepting your anger before going out into public,” according to Brian Penny, former business analyst.

2 Accept Your Anger

By accepting the fact that you are angry, you actually gain more control over your feelings and you’ll soon realize that you are the one who can do something to change your state of mind. Just take responsibility for your actions and your choices, and try to understand why you are feeling angry. Your anger is your problem and you are the one who should deal with it, even if you may think that others are to blame for all your troubles.


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3 Walk It off

I’m sure you all know how many wonderful benefits walking can bring you. This healthy habit is also a way to calm down and relive those stresses that cause your anger. You’ll be able to think before you decide to act in a certain way or to say something that you may later regret.

4 Change Scenery

If your anger is caused by something from your environment, try to change scenery and remove yourself from that situation. I know that sometimes this is not really possible, but if you have the opportunity to do it, just take it. Calm yourself down and return when you’re feeling more in control and ready to face that challenge.

5 Smile

I know it can be extremely difficult to smile when you’re feeling angry but this is an amazing way to lift up your spirit. If you really can’t find a reason to smile, then just do it to annoy the people who are upsetting you in the first place. After all, I’m sure they will not be too happy to see that you’re having fun.

6 Just Breathe

Another very efficient thing you can do to calm yourself down is to simply take a few deep breaths. This will help you counteract your rising tension and this way, you’ll be able to think more rationally and you will not allow your emotions to affect your judgment. There are a lot of breathing techniques you can practice on a daily basis, so just try them and see for yourself how many wonderful benefits they will bring you.

7 Exercise

What better way to decrease your anger than by exercising regularly? It will help you forget all about those things that are troubling you, it will help you calm down and you’ll be able to see things more clearly. You will also feel happier and more energized, since exercise stimulates the production of endorphins, your body’s very own natural antidepressant.

There are a lot of things you can do to calm down when you are feeling angry. Calming techniques are extremely efficient when it comes to short-term anger, but you’ll need to adjust your way of thinking in what concerns the long term anger issues. Do you know any other important anger management lessons that everyone should know? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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