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As important as it is to be kind, there are people you need to delete from your life if they're causing you trouble. You don't owe others anything, so you have the right to cut them out of your life if you believe it's the right thing to do. Not all of your friends and partners are meant to be in your life forever. Some people are only temporary, which is why there are some people you need to delete from your life if you want to be happier.

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If They Peer Pressure You

Do you have friends that peer pressure you to do things you're uncomfortable with? If they're pushing you to apply to your dream job, they're just being a good friend. But if they're forcing you to drink or date when you don't want to, then you don't need them around. People who pressure you into doing unhealthy things are the people you need to delete from your life. It's difficult enough to be a good person in this world without others influencing you to make the wrong decision.


If They Knock Your Confidence

Your friends, family, and partner should truly believe that you're special. If they insult you and point out your flaws, then you shouldn't keep them around. Your loved ones are supposed to make life easier, not harder. Anyone who pulls you down isn't worth your time.


If They Cause You Pain

If someone causes you physical pain, there's no point in staying friends with them. If they cause you too much emotional pain, then you don't need them, either. Pain is a part of life, so don't abandon your friends after they hurt your feelings once or twice. Only cut them out of your life if their painful words and actions become a habit. If you're never happy around them, then why hang out with them?


If They Don't Care about You

If you're always the one trying to make plans with your friends, and they don't even bother to text back, they don't care about your friendship as much as you do. You should only hang out with people who appreciate you. If they don't treat you well, then they don't deserve your company.


If They Hold You Back

Sometimes, certain people will hold you back from achieving your goals. As much as you love your friends and family, you can't keep living in your hometown when you have a job offer somewhere else. You have to do what's best for you.


If They Distract You

You can't act immaturely forever. If you have friends that always convince you to party when you should be studying or looking for a job, you need to be careful. Unless you're capable of finding a way to fix your lifestyle so that you're successful while still being friends with them, you might have to leave them behind. Your future is more important.


If You Don't like Them

Don't remain friends with someone that you can't stand. It doesn't matter if you've been friends for twenty years or if they're your boyfriend's sister. If you don't get along with someone, you don't have to talk to them. You'll be happier hanging out with people you actually like.

As difficult as it can be to cut someone out of your life, sometimes it's necessary. Have you ever had to end a friendship in order to make your life better?

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I agree with all of the above!!! Live your life!!! Great advice, thanks for posting.

Thanks.. For the wonderful post...

That's right , and you must alse delete the friend who envy you

Great advice!

Life is too short too be surrounded by people like that

Great advice!

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