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8 Types of People You Shouldnt Take Advice from ...

By Deeceebee

I don’t know if you have noticed, but every single person in the world thinks that they are the best giver of advice! There is no doubting that some people are wise beyond their years and their experience, and can offer some brilliant insights when asked, but unfortunately, they never seem to be the people that you find in your life! To help you weed out the quality from the time wasters, here are certain **types of people you shouldn’t take advice from. **

Table of contents:

  1. A yes person
  2. A flaky person
  3. A two-faced person
  4. A dramatic person
  5. A party animal
  6. A superficial person
  7. A forceful person
  8. A self obsessed person

1 A Yes Person

It is absolutely no good taking advice from the kind of person who always says yes to you and agrees with you because you won't receive any kind of different perspective that you can feed off. They are the best friends when it comes to boosting your confidence, but not when you want a genuine bit of advice!

2 A Flaky Person

Flaky people are not good to get advice from because they might give you a really good talking to one night, and then either completely change their opinion the next, or not be available for you when you want to follow up.

3 A Two-Faced Person

How can you ever really trust the kind of advice that you get from a person who you know is incredibly two-faced? You will never be sure whether they are tell you the truth to be helpful, or telling you a lie to aid someone else.

4 A Dramatic Person

It is no use seeking advice from someone who loves drama, because one, they will always suggest the most extra and over the top plans of action, and two, you can expect your business to be the talk of the town because they can’t keep their mouth shut!

5 A Party Animal

If all of their conversations start with “I am so hungover”, then what kind of mature advice can you expect to get from them? Nothing that will say to you is going to be applicable in a really helpful manner, unless the advice is related to what kind of party you should be going to tonight!

6 A Superficial Person

Someone who is too shallow and obsessed with the superficial isn’t going to give good advice. They find it hard to look past the outside to really get down to what is important on the inside.

7 A Forceful Person

When you are looking for advice, you don’t need someone forcing you to do something; you need someone to simply suggest and guide. Someone who is too forceful will be more of a hindrance than a help.

8 A Self Obsessed Person

People who are super self-obsessed simply can’t put themselves in someone else’s shoes, and this is one of the biggest requirements when looking for someone to give you solid advice. You will find that they end up talking more about themselves than about your issue!

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