9 Types of People You Need in Your Life to Make You Happy ...


9 Types of People You Need in Your Life to Make You Happy ...
9 Types of People You Need in Your Life to Make You Happy ...

You deal with numerous people every day, but there are actually several types of people you need in your life. These are the people you're usually closest to and often includes family members and friends. Some people actually fit into multiple roles, so the types of people you need in your life could easily be less than nine. I have most of these roles filled by people I love and it honestly makes my life feel more complete.

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Your 3AM Rescue

If you're prone to getting into misadventures often, one of the most important types of people you need in your life is the friend that will come to your rescue, no matter how late. Even if you don't hang out all the time, you know this person is there for you. Odds are, you're that same friend to them. It's nice knowing you always have someone to pick you up if things go wrong. Be careful not to abuse this friendship because you never know when you might need a ride when you car breaks down at three in the morning.


This unwavolsting ally stands out during your most dire straits. They understand the importance of mutual support and trust—a rare gem in the friendship treasure chest. Cherish them, not just for their willingness to answer distress calls but also for the comfort they bring. Life can be unpredictable, and when it throws you a curveball, their presence is a soothing reminder that you're not alone. Balance is key; reciprocate their generosity with reliability and gratitude, fostering a bond that goes beyond the occasional SOS.


Role Model

While you may not be close to the role model in your life, you need someone to look up to. I have several role models in my life, but not all of them are friends or relatives. Teachers, co-workers, bosses and group leaders often fit this type. Often times, this person motivates you to become a better person. They may not need to be by your side, but their influence is enough to push you when you're feeling low.


Non-Judgmental Listener

Most friends have no problem listening to you when you have a problem, but how many tend to pass judgment or want to immediately fix the problem? Sometimes you just need someone to listen. I'm lucky that I have someone in my life who listens without interrupting and they're usually there anytime I need to talk. I'm happy to be that same person for them. We don't judge each other, so it makes us feel far more comfortable sharing any and everything.


The Big Brother

I feel that every woman needs a male friend in her life that she's never been romantically involved with. It doesn't matter whether the guy is straight or gay. Basically, this guy fills the big brother role and offers a completely different perspective on life than your girlfriends. Believe it or not, you can have guy friends that just like you as a friend. Plus, if you have questions about your guy, they're often far better to talk to since they're likely to understand your guy's issue better.


The Soul Mate

Every woman needs a soul mate in her life. I don't think this is limited to your significant other. It can also be the friend you've had your entire life and can't imagine life without. Regardless of whether it's your husband or best friend, you need a soul mate that always loves you just for you. This person makes you relax instantly just by being in their presence. Odds are, this person also takes on several roles on this list.


The Wisdom Giver

Sometimes this one is the hardest type to find. This is the friend or relative who can help you through difficult situations. They're wise beyond their years and often keep you from making choices you'll regret. Search far and wide for this friend. You'll definitely need them throughout your life as you face challenges and difficult choices.


The Encourager

Everyone needs that one person who encourages them. Often times, this will be a family member or significant other. As a writer, I sometimes get discouraged, but I can talk to my encourager and suddenly I believe in myself again. Every woman needs someone to remind them of their potential. Without this person, it's usually even more difficult to make changes in your life or try for your dreams.


Someone Who Understands Your Career

Sometimes this person is a co-worker that's also a friend or just a friend who's in the same field as you. When you need to vent about work or talk about something exciting from your day, people who don't understand your job may not have a clue what you're talking about. Having someone who “gets” your job will help increase excitement after a big achievement or make you feel better after a bad day. It's always nice having people in your life that share something in common with you. Your job is no exception.


Keeps You Accountable

While you may already have someone to encourage you, but you also need someone to hold you accountable. This is the person you share your dreams and goals with. They're also the person who keeps you on track. I always share my goals and the steps I'm planning to take with my accountability friend. They ask me about my progress regularly. I don't want to disappoint them, so I'm much more likely to stay on track.

You'll likely have several people that fill these roles throughout your life. These types of people drastically change your life and help keep you happy. While you might not always have them all at the same time, you'll usually find that you have them when you need them most. Are there any other types of people you think every woman needs in her life?

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I can only think of one person who'd fit into these roles- my mom. Sad.. But it's the truth.

I wish I had these people in my life

I find a lot of these qualities are found in my family members - big brother works best if he is your big brother. Absolutely 0% chance you have to worry about loving him and expressing it. Although not everyone has that outlet.

Awesome tips! :)

My family members make me happy especially my two daughters. Both of my daughters with their families are away from us because of their work but they often keep in touch with us.

I’m missing a lot of vital people in my life apparently! I do think you should add a child/free-spirit; someone who will remind you life shouldn’t always be taken so seriously & to get outside & play/dance. Relax & do something for yourself.

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